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Allen Sportswear & Dwayne Wade Collaborate in Converse’s “All In” Ad Campaign (2007)

Back in 2007, we at Allen Sportswear teamed up with Dwayne Wade and Converse to design an ad campaign to attract young basketball players around the country.  Wade is Converse’s biggest sponsored star athlete, which made this campaign one of Converse’s biggest commercial productions ever.

Allen Sportswear provided all the custom uniform designs for the youth players involved in the advertisement, making sure each one was custom tailored to the needs of the athletes.  Converse, Wade, and the athletes all praised the Uniforms both for their professional quality and for the uniqueness of the designs, even comparing the recognizable similarities between Dwayne’s Miami Heat Uniform and our designs at ASW.

We are proud to have participated in such a prestigious and successful campaign, and have maintained personal relationships with all parties involved to this date.

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