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Wellington March Madness

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Header_SponsorsWellington March Madness 2017

Not many tournaments know how to celebrate the street to elite aspirations of young basketball players today better than Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 3

Wellington 1Going on it’s 13th year with a 10 year sold out record, Wellington March Madness is a US Amateur Basketball sanctioned event that boasts of 110 teams from Grade 3-12. A testament to its prestige is the 5,000 it draws annually along with big brand sponsorship’s, including ESPN coverage.


“We are very honored to attract top teams and talents from all over Florida every year. We are proud to have pulled off another one for the books this year-with the help of like minded brands like Allen Sportswear, whose uniforms we have been wearing for 9 years, and other brands like Coca Cola, ESPN Radio, the Miami Heat, Chick Fil A who have always supported our efforts to promote grassroots basketball. When you play in a very competitive tournament like ours, it always helps when you can raise the bar and make the experience more memorable- we take time to honor every champion, every runner up. Our MVP’s were honored not only with trophies but with their personalized MVP swag and all our champions received their limited edition championship shirts, even the crowd got into the social media excitement. All these little things that our volunteers and parents and sponsors put together- it just adds up and makes the kids and coaches look forward to the first weekend of March every single year.” Chris Fratalia- President of Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 2

Allen Sportswear is one of few US brands that offer full customization of team uniforms – any look, any design, any cut. “Uniforms play a big part in a player’s experience. When they step into the court, all eyes are on them – competitors, fans, family, recruiting scouts… we want to give these kids the best chance to stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s a fact that when you look good, you feel great and will likely perform that much better. I honestly think it helps teams like Wellington to come out looking and playing good year in and year out and inspire confidence in their athletes.” says Todd Marinshaw, Allen Sportswear President.

wellington 4Speaking of elite, this year also saw the Wellington organization honor recent graduate Trent Frazier. Trent, the #2 rated Point Guard in the state (#17 in the nation per has played for the Wolves for 6 years and choose to continue his career at Illinois after receiving 11 D1 offers. Miami Heat Dancers, and mascot Bernie, together with ESPN West Palm Radio and Allen Sportswear joined President Chris Fratalia as he presented and retired his Wellington jersey number.



wellington 5“There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing someone as talented yet grounded like Trent to develop as an athlete and reach his full potential. We know he is going places and we are proud to be a part of his story”, says Chris Fratalia. His coaches, team mates and all the little players who follow him around couldn’t agree more.



mvp social media trent and kids


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The 2014 Phoenix Mercury, the Best Team in WNBA History?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

When the Phoenix Mercury swept the Chicago Sky in the 2014 WNBA Finals, it was the pinnacle of one of the greatest season in the sport’s 18 year history. With a regular season record of 29-5 capped by a 7-1 record in the playoffs, this group of young women is arguably one of the best WNBA teams of all time.


If you’re a WNBA fan, you’ve probably noticed that the Phoenix Mercury uniforms are a little different from those of other professional basketball teams. That’s because the Mercury were one of the first non-soccer sports franchises in North America’s major leagues to place a company logo on their uniforms. In 2009, the Mercury announced a sponsorship agreement with LifeLock, a identity theft protection service, that placed the company’s logo on the team’s basketball jerseys through the 2013 season. Starting in 2014, the team’s jerseys feature sponsorship logos for Casino Arizona and Talking Stick Resort. But sponsorship aside, whether sporting their sharp white home jerseys or their vivid purple away jerseys, these ladies know exactly what they’re doing on the court.

During the 2014 playoffs, the Mercury players averaged 51.3% on field goals, 33.1% on three-point shots, and 85.6% from the free throw line. With these kinds of numbers, it’s not surprising that they secured the victory in the Finals. In fact, Rebecca Lobo, an ESPN analyst and former WNBA star, has been quoted as saying that this team is “definitely in the discussion as one of the best all time.”

The Mercury despite being one of the WNBA’s original franchises, has had a rocky history. In their 18 year history, they have qualified for the playoffs nine times and won the WNBA Finals three times. In 2012, they had the second worst record in the WNBA with a final record of 7-27. However, with their 2013 top overall draft pick of Brittney Griner and new coach Sandy Brondello, they have come back with a vengeance.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what happens in the 2015 season with guard Diana Taurasi making the decision not to play. Her decision was reportedly prompted by a request from her Russian Premier League team who offered to pay her more than her WNBA salary to sit the season out. Taurasi has had the highest individual points per game for the Mercury in four of the past five years.

So, do you agree that the 2014 Phoenix Mercury are one of the best teams in WNBA history? And what do you think that Taurasi’s departure will mean for the team?


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Can Uniform Colors Assist in Winning Games?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015


If you’re part of a team that participates in competitive sports, you’ve probably wondered about what types of advantages you can gain. Here’s something for you to ponder: can uniform color affect the outcome of sporting events? Can wearing a different color of Men’s Basketball Jersey actually help your team win? Interestingly, it might.


While the research we found was not looking at Men’s Basketball Uniforms specifically, the findings seem to indicate that a uniform’s color might have an impact on the outcome of a sporting event. According to research conducted during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, wearing red seems to provide a slight edge over other competitors. The differences were small, but consistent across several different combat sports including Taekwondo, Boxing, and Wrestling. The researchers thought that the red color indicated dominance and aggression to the athlete’s opponents and that this gave the red-clad competitor a slight psychological advantage.


However, further research indicates that there may be a different explanation. Four years later, at the Beijing Olympic Games, additional research was conducted that showed that part of this edge may actually be due to a subtle influence on officials rather than players. This particular study used digital manipulation to change the uniform colors in Taekwondo matches that were then played for experienced judges. Even though the fights were identical except for the color manipulation of the uniforms, referees awarded more points to contestants whose uniforms had been changed to red than to those whose uniforms had been changed to blue.


Looking at additional studies, the “red effect” also seems to apply in teams sports like Soccer. There has been research conducted into English soccer teams that showed significantly better league performance for teams wearing red over a 55 year period. According to the study, “Across all league divisions, red teams had the best home record, with significant differences in both percentage of maximum points achieved and mean position in the home league table.”2


So, our question is: does the “red effect” extend to Basketball Uniforms? Well, it couldn’t hurt! Call us to discuss all of our uniform options. (407) 641-4900


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The Evolution of the Basketball Uniform Trend

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Two Guys Playing BasketballIf you were to walk down a crowded street and count the number of basketball jerseys you see people wearing, it wouldn’t surprise you how many you saw. For decades, it has been a popular fad to wear your team’s jersey. Whether it is a fashion statement or a way to express your team pride, people wouldn’t think twice about your choice to wear basketball attire.


It didn’t used to be that way. In the ‘60s and 70’s, it was still unfashionable to wear the uniform of a basketball player. For years, no one took too much pride in their teams. In pictures of games from those eras, you can barely find a fan dressed in their teams’ colors. And some of those people might have matched the team on accident. So when did basketball steal the hearts of Americans and persuade them to imitate these all-stars?


We can’t point to one specific year and say “this is where it all started!” Just like with any fashion trend, basketball jerseys slowly crept into society, fan by fan. In the ‘80s, during the reign of Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, America started to pay a little more attention to basketball. With two stars that became role models, basketball uniform trends started to creep into fashion. Before Jordan’s publicity, the average basketball uniforms had mid-thigh length shorts. Jordan asked for longer shorts and fans noticed. Around this time, women also started to wear tank top jerseys. With these new changes, uniforms were more fitting, flattering, and therefore more likely to make an appropriate shirt for an average Saturday out.


Not long afterward, people started to wear jerseys to game. Fans saw the players as heroes, as role models worthy of emulating. By the early 1990s, basketball crowds were filled with color-coordinated, jersey-covered fans. Professional and college basketball trends were spreading to the general public. Outside of games, popular jerseys were donned over oversized white t-shirts. Basketball shorts were available at your local sporting goods stores. Today, the basketball uniform trend has expanded across the country and created a greater passion for the sport. Americans have figured out that the best way to show your team spirit is through novelty jerseys and matching colors.


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