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Wellington March Madness

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Header_SponsorsWellington March Madness 2017

Not many tournaments know how to celebrate the street to elite aspirations of young basketball players today better than Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 3

Wellington 1Going on it’s 13th year with a 10 year sold out record, Wellington March Madness is a US Amateur Basketball sanctioned event that boasts of 110 teams from Grade 3-12. A testament to its prestige is the 5,000 it draws annually along with big brand sponsorship’s, including ESPN coverage.


“We are very honored to attract top teams and talents from all over Florida every year. We are proud to have pulled off another one for the books this year-with the help of like minded brands like Allen Sportswear, whose uniforms we have been wearing for 9 years, and other brands like Coca Cola, ESPN Radio, the Miami Heat, Chick Fil A who have always supported our efforts to promote grassroots basketball. When you play in a very competitive tournament like ours, it always helps when you can raise the bar and make the experience more memorable- we take time to honor every champion, every runner up. Our MVP’s were honored not only with trophies but with their personalized MVP swag and all our champions received their limited edition championship shirts, even the crowd got into the social media excitement. All these little things that our volunteers and parents and sponsors put together- it just adds up and makes the kids and coaches look forward to the first weekend of March every single year.” Chris Fratalia- President of Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 2

Allen Sportswear is one of few US brands that offer full customization of team uniforms – any look, any design, any cut. “Uniforms play a big part in a player’s experience. When they step into the court, all eyes are on them – competitors, fans, family, recruiting scouts… we want to give these kids the best chance to stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s a fact that when you look good, you feel great and will likely perform that much better. I honestly think it helps teams like Wellington to come out looking and playing good year in and year out and inspire confidence in their athletes.” says Todd Marinshaw, Allen Sportswear President.

wellington 4Speaking of elite, this year also saw the Wellington organization honor recent graduate Trent Frazier. Trent, the #2 rated Point Guard in the state (#17 in the nation per has played for the Wolves for 6 years and choose to continue his career at Illinois after receiving 11 D1 offers. Miami Heat Dancers, and mascot Bernie, together with ESPN West Palm Radio and Allen Sportswear joined President Chris Fratalia as he presented and retired his Wellington jersey number.



wellington 5“There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing someone as talented yet grounded like Trent to develop as an athlete and reach his full potential. We know he is going places and we are proud to be a part of his story”, says Chris Fratalia. His coaches, team mates and all the little players who follow him around couldn’t agree more.



mvp social media trent and kids


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Training to Avoid Injuries

Friday, May 8th, 2015
Did you know that more than 10,000 people receive treatment in emergency departments nationwide everyday for injuries resulting from sports and recreational activities? While we want to train our team to perform with their best to win, we should also focus on training to avoid injuries. Because while trophies and medals looks great, having your best players on the bench because they got hurt is not the best scenario.

One of the most common sites of injury is the knee. Whether it be a landing after a jump shot or sprinting to get to the next base, our knees are vulnerable to every kind of sprain, tear and even permanent damage if we do not use proper techniques. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball players are most susceptible to knee injuries because of body mechanics that come with these contact sports.
Incorporation of warm-ups that strengthen the lower body is an easiest, least time consuming and effective way to prevent knee injuries.
• Focus on strengthening muscle groups such as the hip stabilizers, hamstrings, quadriceps, and foot invertor and evertor.
• Teach your team to properly decelerate the body’s momentum, such as with suicide sprints, and correct techniques that may cause injuries.
• Teach proper landing mechanics, including landing on the balls of the feet and into a knee- and hip-flexed position with proper knee alignment.

Being one step ahead of the game does not only mean properly training your team and ensuring their safety and victory…
It also means purchasing the right equipment and sportswear to represent your abilities! Make sure to purchase Allen Sportswear gear to be one step ahead of the game. With customizable logos and design of your own choice, you can represent your team the way you want to be known!
By: Elmine Ira Beard
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Team Winston 2 Time Champs!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Hello Amy we have won 2 championships in our first two tournaments. The uniforms are just MAD CRAZY COOL! Everyone loves them. Our older kids want some like ours but the person that deals with that jumped the gun and ordered from somewhere else…..smh but these uniform are great and not only do we play great but we also LOOK Great!!!! Allen Sports Wear is the ONE AND ONLY PLACE TO GET UNIFORMS!! Great uniforms but GREATER CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Amy Kronk is THE BEST!!


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What to Consider When Designing College Baseball Uniforms

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Designing new uniforms for a sports team from time to time will keep the team looking their best on the field. The appearance of the team may boost their overall confidence, and this can translate into their performance in games. In addition, it can also show the opponent that the team is a force to be reckoned with. Because of these and other factors, many teams will redesign their college baseball uniforms every now and then to keep up their game. While you can certainly select a pre-designed uniform, the team may love the ability to customize uniforms specifically to their year and personalities. When you are designing new uniforms, you may consider these few points.

College men's baseball player

The Quality of the Material

There are several types of material that are commonly used with baseball uniforms. However, not all uniforms are ideal for athletic apparel. The best material will allow the player to move fluidly without encroaching on his or her ability to perform. A preferable material is also one that can wick away moisture rather than keep the player moist and uncomfortable. You may also want to select a material that is durable and easy to maintain. For example, some require special care when washing or may wrinkle easily while others can stand the heat of the game and the wash. Each material has different qualities and features that may make them more or less desirable for active play, and it is important to check out your options.

The Ability to Customize the Uniform

In addition to paying attention to the quality of the material, you may also consider the ability to customize the uniform design. With some uniform and athletic apparel companies, you can select from a couple of different colors and designs. You may be able to add a team number and a jersey number to the uniform for further customization. The last thing you want is for your team to show up on game day with a similar uniform as the opponent.

The Cost of the Uniforms

As a final note, you may consider the cost of the baseball uniform that you are designing. Some people believe that they cannot afford to customize their team’s uniforms because of a limited available budget. As mentioned before, customized uniforms bring players a sense of confidence and an ability to perform their best on the field. When you compare the options and consider these benefits associated with full customization, you may realize that it is more affordable to fully customize the uniforms that will be boldly displayed in your winning game photo.

Designing a new college baseball uniform can be fun yet challenging. After all, while there are many options available, you may need to focus on designing a uniform that is comfortable, durable and stylish. Keep these few points in mind in order to ensure that you create the best uniforms to push your team to victory.

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Frenzy Uniforms Look Amazing!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Thank you so much for all your help. They are amazing. Couldn’t have asked for better quality or customer service.

Thank you!

frenzy uniforms

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At Home Practicing Tips for Little League Baseball

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

Little league baseball player running bases

Playing Little League Baseball is a great way for kids to learn the value of teamwork and to make some new friends as well. Little League tries to emphasize the game itself over competition, but every player wants to do their best and contribute to a winning team. That is why parents should get involved and help their Little League players to practice baseball at home and develop good baseball habits.


Good hitting requires strong hand-eye coordination, which is something Little League players are still developing. There are a couple of Little League practice tips parents can use at home to help kids develop the coordination and swing they need to knock the ball out of the park.

The first exercise involves taking a real, wooden bat and drilling a hole about two inches from the hitting end with a 1/4-inch drill bit. Then you would take a tennis ball and punch a hole in very carefully using a screwdriver. Cut a piece of strong twine about three feet in length and tie one end to the bat and the other end through the ball. Now your Little League slugger can practice making contact with the ball without breaking the neighbor’s windows.

The other exercise involves another tennis ball and an outside wall. It is best to use a wall that is not part of the house to avoid making anyone angry. The drill is to simply play handball against the wall using the tennis ball and develop the hand-eye coordination needed to make good contact with a baseball.


The best Little League practice tips are drills that work on developing skills that your child still has not quite developed yet. For running drills, your child needs to develop coordination in running side to side, along with speed for running in a normal fashion.

Side-stepping is an exercise where the child moves side to side by stepping one foot over the other and picking up speed as they go along. Make sure that they work on side-stepping to the left and to the right to develop the balance and coordination necessary to step off first base and steal second.

Catching Fly Balls

If you want to have a little fun with your child while you help them practice baseball at home, then there is a drill you can use to practice catching fly balls that is sure to improve your child’s abilities. Instead of baseballs, you would use water balloons filled with water. To catch the balloons, you would give your child a bucket.

The purpose of this drill is to get the child used to fighting the sun and positioning themselves properly to catch a fly ball. After a few soakings from missed water balloons, your child will quickly appreciate the patience it takes to get under a fly ball and catch it properly.

Little League Baseball gives your child a chance to be part of a team that relies on each other to win and have fun. To help your child be the best player they can possibly be, it is essential to take the time to practice baseball drills at home and help your child develop the skills they need to compete.

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College Baseball Teams with the Best Uniform for the Season

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

2014 was an interesting year in college baseball uniforms. Topping the list for the most hideous uniform was The Kalamazoo Growlers. This team took the idea of selfies and added them to the uniforms. The end result was hundreds of fan photos emblazoned on the teams’ shirts. While some fans thought the #SaluteToSelfie uniform idea was clever, others thought the end result was creative but hideous. Thankfully, when it comes to the best baseball uniforms, there are five that were real showstoppers in 2014.

1. Boston College Eagles

Pitcher about to throw

When designing jerseys for the 2014 season, the Boston College Eagles decided to take on a good cause. In this case, it was the Wounded Warrior Project. To bring awareness to the cause, they designed their baseball jerseys to reflect this. The way they did it was to add parts of the American flag to the sleeves. To get more recognition for the Wounded Warriors Project, they auctioned off the uniforms at the end of the season.

2. Michigan State Spartans

If you think that baseball players are wearing pants that are too tight, you will love the Michigan State Spartans uniforms. For their 2014 season, they decided to go with a throwback look that represents the early days of baseball. With wide-legged pants alongside a vintage button-down jersey, this team impressed fans. While some teams stop with a vintage jersey, the team went all the way with the antique baseball team outfit complete with contrasting belts and knee-high socks.

3. Indiana University Hoosiers

Continuing the trend of vintage uniforms, Indiana University Hoosiers’ baseball jerseys were considered especially crisp and dapper by fans. The wide-legged capri uniform pants were tailored to look like dress pants with black belts that stand out against the white uniform background. The jerseys are plain except for a simple red IU emblem on the breast. The jersey design forewent the vintage emphasis on buttons and chose a plain front instead. To allow ventilation, the three-quarters sleeves were made wide and roomy. Team colors were subtly added to the edges of the sleeves and collars. Red knee-high socks completed the look.

4. Oregon University Ducks

As far as college baseball uniforms go, the Oregon University Ducks took style to a whole new level. By far one of the best baseball uniforms, the team used the “black vapor” uniforms designed by Nike. Earlier in 2014, fans were impressed by the shiny space-age design of the helmets, and the uniforms followed the look created by them. Although they have uniforms with color, their standard all-black uniforms are far from plain. Instead, they have stitching and panels on the jerseys that sleekly conform the uniforms to the players while providing ventilation.

5. North Carolina’s Gastonia Grizzlies

When the Gastonia Grizzlies took to the field in the spring of 2014, fans were aghast at their new uniform idea. Each jersey had a collar, the pants were black and had a grey strip running down the legs. These complemented their jerseys that were screen printed to look like tuxedos. An ongoing hit with their fans, the Gastonia Grizzlies said they did it to ensure they were the “best-dressed team in sports.” Although not a college team, we still wanted to give them an honorable mention.

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Pre-Season Training for High School Baseball

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

High school is a time when kids learn the real value of teamwork and being a valuable member of a group—and few things teach that lesson better than high school baseball. Each person on a high school baseball team has an important role to play, from the starting pitcher to centerfield. That is why it is so important that parents get involved in pre-season baseball training with their children to help them prepare for the season.

baseball playersTeach Your High School Baseball Player To Be Versatile

A high school baseball player has the unique opportunity to play any position that they show an interest in. Most high school baseball coaches appreciate a player who wants to be versatile and can cover a variety of positions. As part of your high school baseball training with your child, teach them the basics of good baseball and give them the chance to play a variety of positions.

For example, your child may have a strong arm and good pitching mechanics, but that strong arm could also be a benefit in the outfield to help gun down runners headed home. There is drama and excitement to be found all over the baseball diamond, and your child can get more out of their high school baseball experience if they are versatile.

Teach Them To Remain Focused

An important part of pre-season baseball training for high school students is learning how to stay focused on the game at hand. These days, kids seem to not have the attention span they used to have, and that can be a problem when playing a game like baseball. All it takes is one outfielder to let their attention wander and an extra run or two could be scored for the opposition.

Get your high school baseball player out to a local park and engage them in a leisurely game of catch. You should throw out some fly balls once in a while to make sure they are paying attention. It is important to teach your high school baseball player the value of focus in a game like baseball.

Work On Swing Mechanics

By the time your child is playing high school baseball, their hand-eye coordination is about as developed as it is going to get. Your job is to enhance that coordination by going through hitting drills that create good swing habits.

Move your high school baseball training to a local park and start throwing pitches to your high school player at various speeds. It would be even better if you could find a fellow teammate who can work on these drills with your child so that they can see both sides of the hitting-pitching battle. Good swing mechanics are critical to your high school baseball player’s success, and you can improve those mechanics by stressing good hand-eye coordination and getting your high school player to concentrate on a wide variety of pitch types.

When a child joins their high school baseball team, they are going to be able to create memories that will last the rest of their lives. Parents can help those memories to be a little sweeter by working with their children on good baseball fundamentals and preparing them for the upcoming season.

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College Basketball: The Uniform Trends and Styles

Monday, November 17th, 2014


When you and your college basketball team spend so much time and energy training to be the best, you certainly want to look the part when you go head to head in each collegiate game. While you want your team to look great, you also know that the quality of the uniforms can impact your performance. You may already have basketball uniforms and warmups designed, but now may be the ideal time to revamp your look and to create customized basketball warmups and uniforms that have the look you desire and the functional elements you need to help you perform at your best.

The Right Design for Your College Teambasketball-warmups

Each team may have unique goals in mind when designing new uniforms. You may want to create a design that has superstar flair, that mimics the style of your favorite professional sports team, or that is completely different from the other teams in your league. There are now convenient online design options available that allow you to select from dozens of styles and to customize those according to your needs. Whatever your specific goals are for your new uniforms and warmups, it is now easier than ever to create uniforms you love.

The Best Materials

There are numerous materials that today’s sports uniforms and warmups are made with. The best options are synthetic materials that are designed to look great when you wear them and that perform well with your intense activities on the court. They are suitable for high-impact use, but they will not wrinkle when you are not wearing them. You can choose from several different types of synthetic materials that all have a professional look to them, and you can easily customize them with your college colors, name, emblem or mascot.

Personalization Features

A team uniform simply would not be complete without personalizing them. Both customized basketball warmups and uniforms can be personalized with your team colors as well as the player number and name. While you want everyone on your team to look their best with matching uniforms from head to toe, you also need to differentiate them in some way so that fans, refs and coaches can identify players during the game. When you are selecting the right uniform company to work with, ensure that the uniforms can be personalized according to your specifications and preferences.

When the time comes to update your college basketball team’s uniforms and warmups, everything from your ability to customize the color to the quality of the materials used matters. With hundreds of options available for basketball uniforms and the ability to customize your uniforms to your specifications, you can rest assured that you will have the right look and individual distinction each time you play.


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How to Condition for High School Basketball Season

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Conditioning properly for high school basketball season is the best way to avoid injuries such as sprains in the knees, hips and ankles. There is a good chance that your body has lost its ability to make certain physical movements smoothly over the summer months, requiring you to get back in shape. However, before beginning an exercise session with teammates, make sure you have the appropriate equipment and apparel to get the most out of your conditioning exercises. Get yourself customized basketball shooter shirts or warmup gear to ensure that you are as prepared as possible. Wearing the right clothing while playing any sport helps to wick away perspiration on the skin to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Using The Right Equipment

Using exercise equipment such as treadmills, stair-climbers or elliptical machines is an effective way to have individualized basketball conditioning exercises. Chances are that your high school has a variety of equipment, including free weights, in an area near the physical education department. Alternatively, join a 

Youth girls indood basketball

local gym to enjoy the benefits that modern exercise equipment provides to get a fast workout with assistance from a personal trainer. To avoid an injury due to lack of flexibility while playing basketball, having equipment at home such as a stationary bicycle or rowing machine is also an excellent plan. 

Practice Agility Moves on the Basketball Court

Moving around the basketball court requires having agility to dodge other players while dribbling a ball or shooting the ball. To simulate other players on the court, place plastic cones in strategic locations to make a pathway to follow while maneuvering the ball. Rather than conditioning alone, this is a great time to recruit other team members to have a workout. Have someone at the sideline to blast a whistle to get players moving and stopping just like a real basketball game.

Improve Vertical Jumping Skills to Reach the Hoop

Vertical jumping requires using certain muscle groups located in the back, hips and knees. A fantastic way to warm up particular areas of the body to prevent aches and pains while improving a player’s game is by jumping rope. Players can use small ropes to jump in place or longer ropes as teams. Using motivational music while engaging in this conditioning workout helps to build camaraderie between players

Strengthen Arm Muscles Slowly with Basketball Drills

The most important part of playing a game of basketball is getting the ball in the hoop. This requires eye-hand coordination along with fast thinking to avoid other players trying to grab the ball. Use the plastic cones again to create a path to the hoop, but number each cone to ensure players must run in a special direction. Start this basketball conditioning exercise slowly to build strength in the arms to avoid strained muscles. As players gain agility and strength, they need to run faster and make higher jumps to get the ball into the hoop.

Try out some of these simple yet effective conditioning exercises to help you become prepared for anything your high school basketball season can dish out.

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