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Going against the grain and supporting amateur teams in tough times: Allen Sportswear

Over the last year, we at Allen Sportswear have been following the trials and triumphs of several high school teams in Central Florida.  After some intense deliberations we have chosen a select few whose performance has been impressive to say the least, and whose dedication to excellence is deserving of a Grade A sponsorship and uniform overhaul!  Their work ethic and consistency has been inspirational to us all and we are proud to be supporting them 100%.  

Times are tough, as we all know, and as a small business with a dedicated staff we put in double time to make this opportunity possible for these great schools.  Our chosen teams have worked hard year in year out and as our way of honoring them we are welcoming them officially into the Allen Sportswear family.

Stay tuned to see which Central Florida Powerhouses will be Dressing like Champions this season!

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