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Why Uniforms Matter

Friday, December 30th, 2016

why-uniforms-matter-1When it comes to sports teams nearly every league or coach is faced with the dilemma of looking great or sticking to a set budget. Sometimes you can do both but usually one or the other has to give a little (or a lot) depending on budget. Usually the person in charge will choose to skimp out on uniforms because as long as everyone looks the same what’s the difference anyway right? Wrong.

Multiple studies have shown that what uniform you wear and how you look impacts your mental state and can even impact the game.  Here are a few examples of why

Your Uniforms Impact The Other TeamWhen a team shows up looking good it has a psychological impact on the team they are playing. The other team assumes you must be good based off of your looks and will come out playing less confident. On the other hand, when your opponent sees you wearing something that looks like it was bought at Walmart and screen printed they automatically assume your team is a bunch of scrubs and they come out swinging, fully expecting to win and that gives them the psychological edge.

Your Uniforms Impact Your Own PlayersResearch has shown that when a player is dressed in what they feel why-uniforms-matter-2is a superior uniform they not only have more confidence but actually believe they can lift more and run faster. How does this translate to wins?  Belief is a power tool for a coach and will give the players the confidence they need to pull off close games in the end. The players are more likely to be aggressive and less likely to get down if you start losing. All these variables factor into more wins by your confident players.

Your Uniforms Impact Future TeamsGetting the best players each year is a challenge for any coach. Not only do your uniforms impact your recruiting but it also impacts your retention rate. Players look around and see what everyone else is wearing, if they are always on the team that looks like garbage they will soon find a team that doesn’t. Unfortunately for that team, the player will usually find their new team by playing against them and taking a mental note of how great and confident that teams looks on the field. So you will end up losing your best player to a rival which really sucks.


Uniforms are only one factor in a successful team but they are a much bigger factor than most people believe. “Dress like it, play like it” is more than a tagline, it’s a way of life and a key to your future success.





By: Todd Marinshaw

Custom Team Sports Uniforms

Team Winston 2 Time Champs!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Hello Amy we have won 2 championships in our first two tournaments. The uniforms are just MAD CRAZY COOL! Everyone loves them. Our older kids want some like ours but the person that deals with that jumped the gun and ordered from somewhere else…..smh but these uniform are great and not only do we play great but we also LOOK Great!!!! Allen Sports Wear is the ONE AND ONLY PLACE TO GET UNIFORMS!! Great uniforms but GREATER CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Amy Kronk is THE BEST!!


Basketball Uniforms

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Blue Storm Looks Better Than The Rest

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Thanks Amie!  Out of all the teams we played, we think we looked the best!!!

– Tommy Young, Blue Storm


Storm team pic 2104

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Patrik Pettersson Testimonial

Monday, October 20th, 2014

– These uniforms look great! We really liked the MVP shirts too!


David and Goliath Coin Toss Run out

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Texas Plague Impressed By Their Allen Uniforms!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014



We absolutely love our uniforms from Allen Sportswear! Amid Williams and his design team did an excellent job from the design process to delivery. The quality of the uniforms is the best we’ve ever had! After an 80 game Spring season, they still look like new and we are wearing them in the Fall! We will definitely be ordering from Allen Sportswear again next Spring!

Steven Loftice
Texas Plague Baseball

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We Are The Avengers

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
Avengers 1


The uniforms are great. We just had our first two games and they look amazing. Nothing but compliments. And the best part, the Mom’s don’t mind them being white they look so good. we started our season against the two best teams around and beat them 20 to 7. They would not have scored but we screwed up a punt and gave them the ball on the three. Took them 4 plays to score. Next day we played an All Star team from Decatur and beat them 18 to 0. They were 4 and 0 before we played them. The uniforms are very intimidating they look so good.  Also we raised 606 dollars for the National Children’s Cancer Society.
Thanks a lot for all you have done for us,
Avengers 2 Avengers 3 Avengers 4 Avengers 5 Avengers 6
 Avengers 8 Avengers 9 Avengers 10
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New Uniforms A Hit!

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Des moines Blaze sporting their new Allen Uniforms, showing once again why we “Dress Like It, Play Like It”

Allen Team Uniforms

“Corey, The new threads were a hit.

Allen Jersey QB
Allen Jersey #2


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Tricksters Amazing Uniforms

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

trickters1 tricksters2


The jerseys are amazing! Thank you so much. I look forward to ordering more from you in the future as more Tricksters are added to the family. The bags are awesome as well! Everyone thought the bags were great! I wear the jersey proudly! Thank you so much.

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Corpus Christi Champions!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014




 We won first place at the Corpus Christi tournament, and I have to admit we have awesome uniforms!!!!

Maria Torres

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Michael Jordan

Monday, August 4th, 2014

MJ quote

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