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New Smyrna Beach Boys Basketball Submission

Nominated by: Steve Gawriluk

We understand that there is more to being a “champion” than winning games.

Winning is just a small part of competing that is a result of a particular performance. As a “champion” we realize that wins and losses will not define us.  Striving to be a “champion” is an ever evolving process that we embrace daily… Read more.

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53 Responses to “New Smyrna Beach Boys Basketball Submission”

  1. m. downs says:

    Our team is dedicated to do their best.

  2. Donna Chapman says:

    Go team! Would love to see you in new uniforms :)

  3. A. Peatross says:

    because we are a no pass no play school our team spends time learning the skills necessary to be contributing members of society….Ms. Peatross, Math Instructor,NSB High

  4. Dr. bane says:

    New Smyrna Beach can beat all other teams upside down.

  5. BRich says:


  6. L. Roberson says:

    Go Cudas!

  7. Mr. B says:

    Keep voting Cudas.

  8. Mr. B says:

    Keep voting Cudas!

  9. K. Blazi says:

    Go Cudas!

  10. D. McDuffie says:

    Let’s Go Cudas!!

  11. Donovan Brannen says:

    the insperation and courage that our basketball team posses will bring them to overall victory

  12. CudaFan says:

    Yes! Go cudas! 😀

  13. AJ Dennis says:

    NSB Cross country should be getting uniforms!

  14. Shelby Austin says:


    • J.Swagg says:


  15. Steven Watry says:

    NSB weightlifting should be getting uniforms, :)

  16. Anthony Finch says:

    Go Cudas!!

  17. aurianna rushford says:

    nsbhs has been trying hard to get to the top and deserve a cahnge

  18. aurianna rushford says:

    Go cudas!!!!!

  19. Karim says:

    GO CuDas!

  20. J.Swagg says:


  21. the president says:

    i hate how no one cares about soccer… its only the hardest sport to play

  22. a rushford says:

    cudas moving on up

  23. CUDAFAM says:

    DO IT BIG CUDAS!!!!!!!

  24. the president says:

    our team is soooo good…so good that when we win lightning strikes the opponents, their cars explode, and a rubix cube falls off the table at my house and completes itself…yeah that good

  25. the president says:

    wow this guy is funny

  26. you dont kno me says:

    go cudas!!! BEAT EM!

  27. Tiffany Costich says:

    Go Cudas! Red Black And White!

  28. Tearin says:


  29. Amanda says:

    go cudas its awesome to have the chance to get new uniforms.

  30. Teuton says:

    Go CUDAS!!!

  31. Orga says:

    Go CUDAS!!!

  32. Dana Rhoden says:

    GO CUDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Dr. Donna Bushnell says:

    Go Cudas! You deserve the best! Dr. B. former principal Coronado Beach Elementary

  34. The Grif says:

    As a Cuda, class of 85, I learned to see beyond the score board. I learned we could score less points than the other team and still walk away feeling like a winner, because win or lose we left it all on the field. I learned that how I feel is far more than what I think I know, and most importantly, I learned that the most important lessons were not found in any book. As good as my Cuda teachers were, life was still the best teacher. In playing sports we learned to push ourself. We learned to run and when we couldn’t run anymore we jogged and when we couldn’t jog anymore then we walked and when we couldn’t walk another step, then we crawled, but we always kept moving forward. I am proud of every part of what being a Barracuda has taught me.
    No Guts, No Glory

  35. Anthony Finch says:

    OMG we are in the lead!!! Come on cudas keep going we got this!!!!

  36. CUDA SENOIR says:


  37. Orga says:

    We’re still in the lead!!! YES!!!

  38. Amanda Penland says:

    7th period, Desko’s class got this! >:D

  39. codymaz says:


  40. Jvon says:

    i play for this team and we need these uniforms!!! so keep voting please and thanks

  41. Kiki says:

    WhoopWhoop. Lets go CUDAS. You guys gunna look fly in them new uniforms! haha! WhoopWhoop

  42. lololol says:

    were 1,000 ahead, we can do thiss!!

  43. Samm Rapper! says:

    Technically for the other people complaining about needing uniforms if the basketball team gets theirs free then we will have money for the rest of the sports. 😀

  44. Wekiva Mustangs says:

    We coming for that ahh !!

  45. SomeRandomHobo says:

    Go Cudas…… meow

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