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Osceola Football Submission

Nominated by: Reggie Turner

I believe that champions possess an ability that can’t exactly be described. There’s no amount of science or research that can state what separates these men from the boys. These champs are the ones that can find the balance between discipline, emotion and leadership. Champion players don’t just play on championship teams; they raise their team to championship caliber… Read more.

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15 Responses to “Osceola Football Submission”

  1. AKIM FRANCIS says:


  2. Vanessa says:


  3. Big Juan says:

    I think Coach Doug Nichols is the best Coach in the State and his Players look and play like Champions.

  4. Samantha Schottborgh says:


  5. Coach Vogt says:

    Kowboys deserve this,tight like a family these guys work hard..

  6. Sayd Jury says:

    Go Kowboys
    Oh Yeah
    We’re a FiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrreWork
    We will catch a grenade for u

  7. Peter Bailey says:

    We give it all what got when it comes to playing so we deserve it.

  8. Karilyn says:

    I honestly feel that our football team works HARD. I think that even winning is still not a good enough reward for their hardmanship. When I watch them play, that saying of blood, sweat, and tears is the first thing that comes into my mind. I see it right there on the field. Especially the Sweat part. I have a couple of friends on the football team and when they come too close to me I can’t stand the smell but I’m ok with holding my breath for a couple of seconds.

    That bad odor does not smell bad…That’s the understatement of the centry. The smell is horrible! It’s excruciating pain for my nose, throat, and lungs! After a 4 second hug, I’m holding my breath but the smell still lingers around deep in the fabric of my clothes! This doesn’t affect just the team but the rest of the student body. I’ve always thought it was just that the whole team just had a sweating problem or didnt take showers and then they had to sweat more playing, but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t them that was the problem. It was the jerseys.

    You see, the problem was NOT the players in the uniform it was the uniforms on the players. Apparently the leading brands in America for Detergent dont work on these “Harmless jerseys”. According to my source, The Jerseys are hand-me-downs. Meaning they are old, used, and (with me) a safety hazard. If I could describe to you, the revolting abhorrence Odor those things give off…I would be leaving you with goosebumps. So the problem here is the uniform. We need NEW uniforms. It’s not a want it’s a NEED. A high priority on our list.

    Just think if you are an opposing team to us Kowboys and you get a good whiff of that, Wer’e sure to win because if the skill and hard playing doesn’t claim our trophee, that smell will. The Odor isn’t even half the problem. Our players have holes, tears, and rips in them. When I was in Soccer I wasn’t supposed to wear my jersey for practice. At the time I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I now see why I couldn’t, thanks to the Kowboy football team. It was because one, it would smell and two, it would higher my risk of ruining it. That was soccer, where you’re barely required to use your hands. Football on the other hand uses hands. Now I’m no expert, In fact I’m clueless to football. I don’t even know what a quarterback is! (People already tried explaining…I just don’t understand. So trust me, don’t even try.) but due to all that smashing/colliding, sliding, and piling, I am positive that those uniforms are deadly dirty to a hazards extent.

    So please vote for us we DESPERATLEY NEED THOSE NEW UNIFORMS!!
    10th grade
    15 years of age

  9. Sayd Jury says:

    Sayd Jury that was an awesome comment
    u are my hero
    u are living my dream
    Go Kowboys Yeah

  10. Aaron clevenger says:

    Not only are kowboys champions on the field they’re champions everywhere they go! 100% hard work determination and indomitable spirit GO KOWBOYS!!

  11. Sayd Jury says:

    Who ever this Karilyn is you are awesome because your comment inspired me and pushed me to my full potential.
    Go Kowboys
    We are a Fiiiiiiirrrrrrework!

  12. jenny says:

    Kowboys deserve this, it’s everything they’ve wanted and something they’ll really appreciate.

  13. Karilyn says:

    Sayd Jury, I am so glad that my “comment” inspired you and pushed you to your full potential! You, my friend are awesome for making my day but everyone could make my life if we get these uniforms
    haha and Sayd I like those song phrases!


  14. Jalen Brown says:

    YEA We Deserve NEW UniForm We Work Hard But Look We Have An New School So We Need NEW UniFormZ

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