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St. Lucie West Centennial Girls Softball Submission

Nominated by: Cheryl East

My girls/team make me a champion. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Although I’m in the early stages, it still, at times, makes it hard to do things.  I told my girls after I was diagnosed because I believe they deserve honesty.  When I told them, they asked questions about the disease but most importantly, was I still going to coach… Read more.

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14 Responses to “St. Lucie West Centennial Girls Softball Submission”

  1. Nancy Beauchamp says:

    A great team and a courageous coach!

  2. Dr. B says:

    A team ready to do well under such an awesome coach needs our support.

  3. Ken and Julie Massie says:

    Coach East,

    We have known Dana Ensmenger since the day she was born, Dana, has our heart. My daughter Janette Massie is and Eagle grad. from CHS in 2004. Your sports program is the best, Also give Coach Black our best. Do not forget to tell Katie Maurer hello also. Best of luck. Massie Family.

  4. Laura Albanese says:

    Go Centennial Girls!

  5. Amy Glenn says:

    One of the best coach on the treasure coast. She not only concerned about the game, she concerned about their education. Never gives up on winnning the game. Teaches positive thinking, leadership, teamwork and unity to her student/team. It feels good to know that someone cares, Go Eagles!!!!!

  6. Cheryl East says:

    I thank everyone for your support and your votes! My girls are truly champions and I’m honored to be their coach!

    Keep voting!
    Go Eagles!

  7. Kevin Flynn says:

    Best Coaching Staff in the Area. The combination of relaxed intensity will carry this team far. Keep working hard to achieve your goals. Don’t take your foot off of the gas.

  8. Best Staff…… Best Team…….Eagles are true champions I am so proud of everyone involved…. Go Eagles

  9. Anne Maurer says:

    I have coached all these girls on one team or another, and I am so proud to have been a part of their softball careers. Eagles this is your year!! Stay strong, support each other and have faith in your coaches. As coach east would say BELIEVE!!!

  10. EagleFan says:

    This is a wonderful team, every girl that is on the team. Theses girls work so hard together on and off the field they are always together, they are sisters and friends. Not only are the girls amazing but their fans are as well. Every one is always there and supporting theses girls.

  11. Bob Barker says:

    Any team that is successful year after year is a reflection of the coach’s ability to motivate each player and provide an environment that promotes teamwork and genuine concern for each other. I have had the privilege to observe Coach East and the team during, and before and after games for several years. Every team has had confidence in their abilities and have enjoyed the competition. Coach East has made them Champions.

  12. these girls have the capability to go as far as they desire. With the amazing help of coach East I know the team will be unstoppable. EFOD!!! ayyyyy

  13. Shelly Wiater says:

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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