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Wekiva Girls Basketball Submission

Nominated by: Terrence Cobb

America loves champions.  They grace the cover of our cereal boxes.  They sell us everything from cars to shoes.  They are invited to meet the president.  The Lady Mustangs may not be on Wheaties and President Obama has yet to extend an invitation, but they are champions nonetheless… Read more.

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15 Responses to “Wekiva Girls Basketball Submission”

  1. Coach Jimmy says:

    Good luck Coach Cobb!

    Coach Jimmy

  2. Mark says:

    Good Luck Guys.

    From: Mrs. Cobbs Class!!!!

  3. JORGE APONTE says:

    I hope that the girls basketball team wins, good luck!!!

  4. LeeLee#3 says:

    Come on Mustangs, we can do this. Don’t give up!! Awwwwright!! 😉

  5. J.B.#3 says:

    Yall still got this . Keep voting .

  6. Steven Sanders says:

    Wekiva is a greattttt school. I love going to school at it. It is the best around ya fee me?

  7. Quanie #9 says:

    Come on girls its nothin’ keep voting

  8. charisma says:

    come one ladies were catching up…we came from last place to second place!!!!!!

  9. FPresely says:

    We are Wekiva! We are Mustangs!

  10. Shana says:

    Lets go Mustangs!

  11. Coach Cobb says:

    Keep pushing Ladies, You are Champions with or without new uniforms.. Love ya. Play Hard for 32 mins.

  12. Mrs. K says:

    Good luck ladies! I will be voting every day and keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. nuttiii:) says:

    letsss qooo we qot thiss

  14. ninoshka colon says:

    go mustangs…

  15. Big Brazley says:

    I challenge Cobb to a 3 Point Shoot Out!!!!!

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