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Wellington March Madness

Header_SponsorsWellington March Madness 2017

Not many tournaments know how to celebrate the street to elite aspirations of young basketball players today better than Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 3

Wellington 1Going on it’s 13th year with a 10 year sold out record, Wellington March Madness is a US Amateur Basketball sanctioned event that boasts of 110 teams from Grade 3-12. A testament to its prestige is the 5,000 it draws annually along with big brand sponsorship’s, including ESPN coverage.


“We are very honored to attract top teams and talents from all over Florida every year. We are proud to have pulled off another one for the books this year-with the help of like minded brands like Allen Sportswear, whose uniforms we have been wearing for 9 years, and other brands like Coca Cola, ESPN Radio, the Miami Heat, Chick Fil A who have always supported our efforts to promote grassroots basketball. When you play in a very competitive tournament like ours, it always helps when you can raise the bar and make the experience more memorable- we take time to honor every champion, every runner up. Our MVP’s were honored not only with trophies but with their personalized MVP swag and all our champions received their limited edition championship shirts, even the crowd got into the social media excitement. All these little things that our volunteers and parents and sponsors put together- it just adds up and makes the kids and coaches look forward to the first weekend of March every single year.” Chris Fratalia- President of Wellington Travel Basketball Association.wellington 2

Allen Sportswear is one of few US brands that offer full customization of team uniforms – any look, any design, any cut. “Uniforms play a big part in a player’s experience. When they step into the court, all eyes are on them – competitors, fans, family, recruiting scouts… we want to give these kids the best chance to stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons. It’s a fact that when you look good, you feel great and will likely perform that much better. I honestly think it helps teams like Wellington to come out looking and playing good year in and year out and inspire confidence in their athletes.” says Todd Marinshaw, Allen Sportswear President.

wellington 4Speaking of elite, this year also saw the Wellington organization honor recent graduate Trent Frazier. Trent, the #2 rated Point Guard in the state (#17 in the nation per has played for the Wolves for 6 years and choose to continue his career at Illinois after receiving 11 D1 offers. Miami Heat Dancers, and mascot Bernie, together with ESPN West Palm Radio and Allen Sportswear joined President Chris Fratalia as he presented and retired his Wellington jersey number.



wellington 5“There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing someone as talented yet grounded like Trent to develop as an athlete and reach his full potential. We know he is going places and we are proud to be a part of his story”, says Chris Fratalia. His coaches, team mates and all the little players who follow him around couldn’t agree more.



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