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Westwood Football Submission

Nominated by: Gene Clemons

Fort Pierce Westwood High School has had a long-standing tradition of excellence which spans academics, athletics, and community service. However, over time the level of excellence has to dipped as community growth, economic depravity, and inconsistency seemed to permeate through the city of Fort Pierce. Through it all, the football team has remained a symbol of pride… Read more.

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28 Responses to “Westwood Football Submission”

  1. Fresha says:

    Go Panthers!!!

  2. Mil says:

    Go Panthers Go! Class of 1988!!

  3. Boots says:

    Fort Pierce Westwood High School is the sh*t!
    C/O of 2012, son… Deuces!

  4. prettythick says:

    i Love My Fort Pierce Westwood Panthers !

  5. Mr. Foxes 4 Period says:

    Come on! We need OVER 9000 votes.

  6. – Westwood C/O 2014 We Raw If You Got Something To Say Fight About It .

  7. Queen Candace says:

    Na’im, U da BOMB!!!!!! U got my vote all day!

  8. Antoinette J. says:

    Na’im you are the best!! =) Hope you guys win!

  9. Bby Gangster says:

    Alright Panthers ! Ft.Pierce WWHS VARSITY Cheerleader , c/o 2014 ! love yu guys hope yu win !

  10. Laura Albanese says:

    Go Panthers!

  11. carmen says:

    you are the best hope you win guy

  12. Vernesha Swoope says:

    Go Panthers! Once a Panther, ALWAYS a Panther! Excellent job coach…this is exactly what those young men need at this very impressionable time in their lives, someone who truly cares and dares to get down in the trenches with them, but build them up and make them proud of of they are. We have a very tight-knit community and when the need arises I believe that the local community will rally around you and the football team, and provide the support you need. WE GOT ‘CHA BACK, COACH!

  13. mark pont says:

    If youre not a PB Pirate you got to love westwood

  14. $BIGNAL$ says:

    Let go WESTWOOD!!! c/o2012 Da BEST

  15. beeninman says:

    mcnair and tyon are raw,ilove those guys!!1

  16. beeninman says:

    mcnair and tyon is raw, ilove those guys!!!

  17. artevin and tyon are raw ilove those guys!!!!!!!!!

  18. westwoodfan says:

    omg westwood lets go ralph 23 we got u boi a man ur year to shine

  19. pickle says:

    west what?????

  20. LiL RAtCHEt says:


  21. The-Wierdo says:

    Letss qoo WestWood Pathers ! I L <3 V E yall ! c/o 2014 , lets qoo [=

  22. cheermomallday says:

    Please support the team by voting for them. Westwood all day!!!

  23. Supaman says:

    Wooooooooooooodddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!! like da video… c/o 2012 da realiest class out da

  24. nene [cornethia] says:

    ayeeeeee lehhhhh qoooo pantherss

  25. Mrs. Wong says:

    Go Panthers!

  26. jboy says:

    cmon man?weere da voters ayt

  27. HPN says:

    Na’im and Westward . . . Way to go! Good Luck!!!

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