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Wildwood Football Submission

Nominated by: Matthew LaBranche

What makes Wildwood Middle High School Football a Champion?

Many people believe that talent and coaching alone makes a champion football team.  In reality, there are so many more elements involved in being a championship team.  As the head football coach, I can shape my program in any way to create champions, but at Wildwood… Read more.

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165 Responses to “Wildwood Football Submission”

  1. Paula Phillips says:

    Wildwood Middle High is a very small rural school with an even smaller budget.Our local athletic club does the best we can to make up for the budget shortfalls. If our football team were to win new uniforms it would allow our club to provide more to our other sports throughout the coming year. Football consumes most of our resources. It would be such a blessing to be able to be more supportive of our other sports teams. Thanks to Allen Sportswear for this wonderful opportunity.

  2. Barbara Bortnick says:

    I’ll do my best to vote every day… Love, Aunt Barb in Painesville, Ohio

  3. Tiffany Dehart says:

    This school really needs these uniforms. If they win then that’s money that can help so much in other sports or upkeep in the field and the busses maintenance ! We live in such a lowincome area its also hard to raise money the community is so strapped for money these days they need what little they bring in. This would be a blessing and it wouldn’t be taken for granted. These boys work hard on and off the field they deserve it.

    • Nancy Walsh says:

      An alumni of Wilwood has asked for help with votes and with great enthusiasm she has gotten help from many of us on the Flagler forum. I hope that your school wins because it sounds as if the students are already winners with such support for them. I graduated from a small high school and I know how everyone became almost like family. So, with that I wish the Wildwood FAMILY the best of luck, hope they win the contest and get the new uniforms, but they should also know the love and loyalty has already made each and every one of them winners. God Bless.

  4. Patti Hensley says:

    Wildwood Middle High School is a small rural school of less than 500 students. We are situated in an economically depressed area and playing football is one way of keeping kids off the streets. Unfortunately we have so many athletes that want to play football we can’t give them all a uniform. This upcoming year we’ll be having a JV football team but at this point they will have to share uniforms with the Varsity Team. Please vote for us so that both our JV and Varsity teams can have their own uniforms and they won’t have to be worn back-to-back nights. This past fall we had to have players take turns not dressing for a game so that more boys would have an opportunity to dress out for a game.

  5. Kim U. says:

    Go Wildwood! We love Aunt Benachoice!

  6. I love Wildwood High school they really deserve and need new uniforms. Wildwood is my hometown

  7. Sarah Dudley Tyler says:

    Well done. Go Cats!!!

  8. Lisa & Paul Jodray says:

    Wildwood Middle High School is a small rural school with a big heart and they take their sports very seriously so please give them the opportunity they so deserve! Go WIldcats! Vote today,tomorrow,the next day!

  9. Lisa & Paul Jodray says:

    Let’s go Wildcats Let’s go! If ever a team deserves something it would be WILDCATS of Wildwood!

  10. sandra barron says:

    Thinking of you my (great) nephew playing Football in a new uniform in Florida. Love, Aunt Sandi from Erie, PA.

  11. Nyesha graham says:

    leggo wildwood is where its at .So vote because they really want them uniforms and we are a very small school but we have big dreams ; )

  12. OOPS, I guess the new uniforms are for middle school. Whatever – JV – Varsity -they need you to vote, vote vote.

    • Patti Sue says:

      Thanks Aunt Sandi for voting. Actually these uniforms would be used for our Varsity football team and our current uniforms would be handed down to dress a new JV team which we plan on starting next year. We all appreciate your help in voting!!! Love ya bunches!!

  13. Terri Alsobrook says:

    There is a wonderful football legacy in this town, such as the stuff of “Remember The Titans” and “Friday Night Lights”. Lake Weir vs. Wildwood where Wildwood beat them 91-0. Lots of stories of our guys beating much, much larger teams all around the state of Florida. This was the 70s.
    I can remember our little band standing for inspection at Band Contest over in Orlando, I think we were at Bishop Moore High School. People were walking up and asking our band director if that was the school where Corky Jones played. Yes, it was. Then, later, it was Keith Jones, Speedy Lewis, and a plethora of others. Coaches who spurred them on, such as Coach Wolf in middle school and Coach Ragle in high school.
    I no longer live there, but I miss it. Those boys learned the hard-work ethics of teamwork, never quitting, perseverance against extreme odds, multicultural diversity, finding just a little more energy when they thought they had nothing left, strategy, and much more.
    The town is threatened to be swallowed up by The Villages, which has already taken much of what we ever swam in, played on, or drove down. It would be nice to see the little burg of Wildwood get something nice like new jerseys for their school.

    • Dennis Wallace says:

      I was lucky enough to play on that team and I can say that those were Glory days at Wildwood High following in the footsteps of a great team that had set the example for all to follow..But change comes and legends just seem to fall into the shadows but to those of us that that lived it was and will always be the good old daty at Wildwood.

    • Anita Jones says:

      Terri, I think you could write for the newspaper! I love your post and not only because you had Corky’s name there. You really made me feel some of the old team spirit! Thanks for submitting.

      Anita Gaskins Jones

    • ANNETTE VARNER says:

      Great memories Cuz . . even though I grew up and cheered for Leesburg my Daddy always had a little gig at me about how much better Wildwood was than us . . . either way, I can’t think of a better thing to do, no matter where you are from, but to see a need and let’s try to meet it especially when it comes to our kids! We are all connected somehow either by friends or family and this is a little thing that we can all do. I say, if it turns out that Wildwood does not win the prize, this community can still see that these kids get new uniforms . . . so I’m in either way in helping get it done!

    • Rhonda Moses says:

      Indeed it was very special to be a Wildwood Wildcat. Well written Terri! I feel very blessed to have grown up there. I can honestly say there is no place like it that I have found.
      I hope we can help these kids have the nicest uniforms in the state!

    • Connie Sands says:

      Very well said, Terri – you get a big AMEN!!! I think you can tell my the number of votes that our Wildcats are still very loved. Comparing the size of our school to those we’re competing against & we’re running a close #2 behind #1, shows our community DOES still have team spirit!!! GO WILDCATS!!!!

  14. Lizzy Marie says:

    Our school really needs these uniforms. We’re a great team and a great school, and we have limited money sources so these uniforms would be amazing

  15. Keji says:


  16. Wildwood Football Staff says:

    Yes, we are falling behind to the mightier, larger schools, however, please don’t give up for giving up is the the ONLY surefire way to lose this thing. We love our kids and they deserve a fighting chance, but to give them one, we have to keep fighting. We entered the essay competition knowing that it would be a longshot, however we conquered that hurdle and it would be a disgrace to quit now.

  17. Shannan Sands Holbrook says:

    Wildwood is my home town…and I am so proud to say I am from there…they deserve new uniforms…those kids play their hearts out…GO WILDGATS!!!

  18. Ben Smith says:

    I hope you guys get it!

  19. Sharon Alderman says:

    I’m going to vote everyday and will be asking all my friends to vote also. I went to Wildwood High in the 60s and was at Florida Field that great night when our team beat Lake City to win the state championship. On Friday nights almost everyone in town was at the football field watching the Wildcats keep winning. It was a wonderful time. I hope Wildwood wins and beats the larger schools like we did in 1964. Go Wildcats

  20. One more time for the team.

  21. Don’t know a thing about “cookies” except Oreo double stuffed.


  23. Here We Go Wildcats, Here We Go !

  24. WW fan says:

    If we could win this thing, we may have enough jerseys for a JV team.

  25. Don’t see “vote for this team” after watching the video but will keep trying in my responses.

  26. Lois Philbrick says:

    I volunteer at Wildwood Middle High School and these kids are some of the most deserving young people it has been my privilege to work with over the years. I taught school for almost 30 years and I appreciate the hard work the teachers and students do to succeed at WMHS. This is a most deserving football team and I hope everyone votes everyday!

  27. Bridget Veal says:

    I’ll vote everyday! Good luck – you all definitely deserve this!

  28. A Football Parent says:

    As a parent of a football player, I have seen first hand the dedication these young men have displayed to Wildwood football and to their coaches. They work together as a team both on and off the field and take pride in themselves. The majority of them do not have the best home situation, but their coaches are there for them as father figures and Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Hensley (our volunteer athletic trainers/team moms) are there for them as mother figures. These boys are loved dearly!!!

    I have never heard these young men complain when they learn on Thursday night they they won’t be dressing for the game on Friday because it’s their teammates turn to use the game uniform. They support that teammate and cheer them on. I’ve seen their football cleats taped up with athletic tape because the soles are falling off and they don’t have the money to buy new football shoes…yet they don’t complain.

    These young men and those who will be following in their footsteps deserve to receive new football uniforms. I would like to see EVERYONE have a game uniform and not have to share uniforms again. I love these boys and love seeing their excitement when they step on the field on Friday nights. They would feel extra special this fall if they stepped out on the field sporting new uniforms thanks to Allen Sportswear.

  29. Lynette Fort says:

    That could not have been better said. Thanks.

  30. grammadiane says:

    I loved the Video….I’ll try to vote every day if I can…..

  31. Deborah Rzepka says:

    Go Wildcats – The Villages Residents support you!

  32. Deborah Rzepka says:

    Go Wildcats- We here in the Villages support you.

  33. Joseph Rzepka says:

    Anything we can do to help you guys.

  34. vote wildwood says:

    vote vote vote vote wildwood for the win!

  35. Wildcat says:

    It would be nice to play in the state championship with some brand new uniforms.

  36. Kim Theige says:

    Go Wildcats!!!!!

  37. Go cats says:

    Thanks villagers! Keep those votes coming! So nice to see this community coming together to support this team! That is what wildwood has always been about! We can do this, but it’s gonna take all of us!

  38. Cat Fan says:

    We need to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH!!!
    We need all those people who voted day 1 and day 2 to KEEP VOTING DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We can win this thing if we can just keep up the pace and keep spreading the word!!!!!!!

    Go Wildcats!!

    Thank you Allen Sportswear for this great opportunity!!
    Thanks Coaches for the great essay and thinking “outside the box” to help your kids, your character and work ethic is contageous and I am thankful you are leading our young men.

  39. kirsten says:

    wildcats are the best westwood hatin but haters gotta hate! lol
    go wildcats!!!!<3

  40. Emmanuel Cardoan says:

    u know u rep wildwood!!!!!

  41. Kirsten Fore says:

    I think Wildwood really deserves this!!! I go here now, and our uniforms have been passed and passed and passed, We need this, and I am detemrined to get these uniforms for our boys! Please help! I love you guys!

  42. Kitty says:

    Wildcat Pride, it can’t Hide! lol Come on we need these votes

  43. Radar says:

    Go Wildwood Wildcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Radar says:

    Vote please!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Ben says:

    we are going to win

  46. Quilla says:


  47. TDAWG says:


  48. Thornburgs Sis says:

    Lets Go Big Blue! We got this in the Bag!
    Wildwood Wildcats..All The Way!

  49. Melanie Maggio says:

    Wildwood Wildcats deserves these uniforms more than any other kids that I can think of because Wildwood have great kids that care! GO WILDCATS!!!!

  50. TLV says:

    Hope you win Boys GOOOOOOO WILDWOOD1

  51. BDoerr says:

    Good luck!

  52. Wildcat Loyal Fans says:

    Thanks to all those parents, players, supporters, community members, and coaches who stopped by today and casted their vote today. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Derrel Strickland says:

    I have worked with Wildwood Middle High School for a number of years as a volunteer. It is a great school with outstanding kids and awesome coaches who care for their players. It would be a tremendous blessing for us to win this contest as we are by far the smallest school in the finals. Thanks for you vote.

  54. Sophia says:

    Go Wildcats!!!!!

  55. its ur boy ronnie :) says:

    cmon guys dont give up we can pull this off. just dont give up…please

  56. Go cats says:

    We are falling behind. Please get everyone involved and help these boys! We are such a small town, it’s gonna take everyone! Go cats!

  57. ryan hill says:

    everybody please vote we need and deserve these uniforms

  58. onix torres says:

    will do my right to vote for my former team the WILDWOOD WILDCATS!

  59. onix torres says:


  60. its yo boy noop says:

    cmon wildwood snoop said cmon

  61. Paula Williams says:

    We gotta pass this on to everyone we can! These boys deserve new uniforms. GO WILDCATS!!!

  62. S. High says:

    I’ll be voting three times a day. Go Wildwood!!

  63. Middle School CheerLeaders says:

    We are Cats and we’re Proud……We’ll stand up and Shout it out…..GO BLue….Go WHite


    Come on W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S

    signed: WMS CheerLeaders

    • Markeva Davis says:

      let’s go wildcats we can do it … RaWr PoWeR RuLeZ :))) SIGNED: WILDWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL CHEELREADER!!!!!!…

  64. brad says:

    come on wildwood vote we need these uniforms they 10,000 dollars worth of uniforms for middle school and high school home and away jerseys come on vote we the smallest community but we have the most pride and the rawest team come on this yah boii brad come on……

  65. we need those new uniforms we are the best team in the nation cant nobody touch us nd we may be a small school but we have big hearts nd dream

  66. BOB BOB says:

    lwts go wild cats we can do it :)

  67. BOB BOB says:

    lets go wild cats we can do it :)

  68. Floretta Campbell says:

    It would be wonderful if a small school like Wildwood could win free uniforms for their school.
    Every little bit helps and the team members, coaches, and fans work so hard to make this a
    successful endeavor. I attended Wildwood High School years ago and we had a good football
    team then and continue to have one through out the following years. Both my brothers, Cecil Roy Hurst and Denny Hurst played football at Wildwood High School and I played the drums in the Band.
    Thank you Allen Sports Wear for this opportunity to support the youth programs in our schools.
    Go Cats!!!!!

  69. cason says:

    ight lets go u guys can do it

  70. Cody howard says:

    Our team needs this so bad our team has only enough uniforms for parts of our team so yeah we need these badly and our football uniforms are old and we need more to rep our school an team so thats y we need the uniforms

  71. Ruiz says:


  72. Billie Jo Davis says:

    Go Wildcats

  73. b-rabbit says:

    come on wildcats we are in the lead we need those uniforms for next year were the smallest but the rawest and have the most pride come on 9 more days we in the lead we got this brad login off right after i vote

  74. cats supporter says:

    Support CATS in Aussie Rules Football so supporting these guys from Brisbane Australia :)

  75. Angelina Cardaropoli Armstrong says:

    :) Wildwood Middle School..Wildwood High School….thanks for the memories, though a small town, the heart beats strong, good luck with the contest, but at the end uniforms or not, these kids will stand tall…maybe some of us alumni could help with this….

  76. Charles Williams says:

    come on wildcats lets show these other schools that when we want something and they dont want to give it too us we take it. AND THAT WE CAN ALL COMBINE AS ONE WHOLE SCHOOL WHEN ITS SOMETHING THAT WE NEED SO VOTE VOTE VOTE AND VOTE ALL DAY EVERY DAY

  77. Shay says:

    Go Wildcats!! You have my vote!! FCAT time, gotta go now!! Good Luck!!! “The little engine that could!”

  78. UR WILD GURL says:


  79. Anita Gaskins Jones says:

    I have enjoyed reading the fan mail coming through this website. Our Wildcats deserve these uniforms, but even if they don’t win, they should enjoy reading all of these thoughts from their supporters!
    I was a cheerleader back in the day, and my husband was a football player. Wildwood was then and is now a small town with alot of heart! Many thanks to Allen Sportswear for supporting our schools this way!

  80. Hairston Family says:

    Good Luck guys! We will vote everyday! :)

  81. Damon says:

    I just wanted to be the 100th comment. Go Wildwood!!!

  82. Angelina says:

    Please give these kids what they deserve..this team and community is awesome and so deserving of this…

  83. Amelia Sophia says:

    GO WILDCATS!!!! You can win this!!!

  84. Paula says:

    If you have been having trouble voting for the Wildwood Football team.
    go to to get your IP address
    then email to:
    Give them your IP address and they will check to make sure it’s clear.
    Tell them how long you have been unable to vote.

    One more week Wildcats, stay strong and we can make this a reality!
    Thank you to our community for all your involvement we really appreciate your help.
    Don’t stop now! This is the time when we need the support of all our True Blue fans. Even those that are our rivals but are not in this competition, thanks for the support South Sumter and The Villages.
    G O W I L D C A T S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  85. C. Terry says:

    As a Wildcat alumni, parent of a current player, and a Wildwood Athletic Club member, I would like to extend my appreciation to Allen Sportswear for allowing Wildwood this opportunity to compete for new uniforms.

    I am just one of the ladies who repairs the existing uniforms between the Thursday night and Friday night games, trying to make them last just one more game, one more season. I must say these uniforms have definitely seen better days. Therefore, if we were to win new uniforms, they would really be appreciated by everyone involved with Wildwood football, more than words can express.

    Thank you again Allen Sportswear for this opportunity.

    C. Terry

  86. They Call Me Momma says:

    I have two boys of my own, both precious to me,
    The oldest a freshman in college, a quarterback is he.
    The younger a Junior in high school, he’s taller than me,
    He’s a quarterback as well but I can’t forget their brothers, the other 53!
    They Call Me Momma.

    I’m at school bright & early, long before they arrive,
    Some take the bus and others they drive.
    Some have to walk while others hitch a ride.
    They Call Me Momma.

    I see them in the hall, in the cafeteria, or in class,
    They pass by and shout “Hey Momma!” and smile as I glance.
    I’m on the gridiron with them, day in and day out,
    In the heat of the sun or the rain or the clouds.
    These are my boys, I care for them so,
    I would do anything for them and this they know.
    They Call Me Momma.

    I tape them up before each practice and before each game,
    I give them water or rub a cramp out, and treat them all the same.
    I don’t mind getting dirty, sweaty, or bloody,
    We’re in this together, it’s all part of the game.
    They Call Me Momma.

    With a tear in my eye before, during, and after each game,
    I look at each face and I’ll never be the same.
    Each will grow up and graduate, theirs lives I was a part,
    To me they’re all my boys and they’re all champions in my heart.
    They Call Me Momma.

    Momma loves you boys!!

    • Coach says:

      Who knew Momma Hens could throw it down! She is just one of a kind and out of the utmost respect they caller her “Momma”

    • Wildcat Mom says:

      That brought a tear to MY eyes! Very sweet. I know my player appreciates all that Momma does.

    • Grandma? says:

      Way to go, Momma! What talent you have! Come up with some cheers! If your’e Momma, I guess I’m Grandma! Yikes! Wouldn’t mind, though, these are awsome boys!

  87. tila says:

    wildcats lets show these otha teams that when we want something we go afta it and dont stop till we get it.! the wildcats really need these uniforms so that the whole team can play in every game lets go vote vote vote.!

  88. Tammie Woods Martin says:

    Go Wildcats

  89. savannah d says:

    LET GO WILDCATSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  90. Kelley says:

    Go Wildcats!!! I’m pulling for ya’ll. Good luck. I have many great memories being a Wildcat cheerleader and supporting the football team. I’m behind you all the way and I will put my votes in everyday for you guys.

  91. Wildcat Mom says:

    OK Wildwood fans – we may be down, but we aren’t out. Keep your heads up and keep voting. We knew from the beginning this was going to be an uphill battle and we’ve done admirably so far. We just need to keep pressing forward – every vote truly counts. If we get nothing else from this experience, at least we will know that our community is still behind Wildwood Football as much as ever. It’s months away from football season and people are already excited about it. A great big THANK YOU goes to Allen Sportswear for that.

  92. Keep going! says:

    Keep going Wildwood! Our community has come together for this! Everyone is supporting our small school! We are getting our votes the right way..and it will show in the end. Our votes are truly reflective of a community that cares about it’s own. Thanks to everyone for continuing to vote and Thanks to Allen Sportswear for this opportunity!

  93. hope w says:


  94. Wendi H. says:

    Go Wildcats!!!

  95. Chris H says:

    Go Cats Go!!!!

  96. Michigan Snowbird says:

    As a “snowbird”, I’ve had the privilege of attending several Wildwood ball games, both boys and girls. I was extremely impressed by the behavior of the student athletes and their fans. This small school certainly knows how to instill good sportsmenship and a sense of loyalty for thier “Cats”. Go Wildwood!!

    • Wildwood Staff Member says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words. We try to teach the students that you never know who’s watching you. The way that you act at a sporting event or out in the community reflects back on our school…good or bad. We look forward to having you at more of our events when you’re in town. Blessings for a safe return home. Hope to see you again soon!!

  97. Wildcat Gran says:

    Our boys really need these uniforms to help improve their confidence and image, so whether we win or not we should all come together and make sure it happens. If each person that made a comment could give $100 or find 10 friends to give $10, we could do it. Don’t give up guys!. We love you! God bless you all.

  98. Naomi Ivey Maggiora says:

    As a 1964 graduate of Wildwood High School, I know how important football is to the students and the school. This is a great idea and I encourage all current and former Wildwood citizens to vote for this. Glad to be able to help in this way

  99. LKF says:

    I am so proud of Wildwood! We thought that the Wildcat Spirit was dying. But when the times get tough, you are right here with us!! Thank you and GO WILDCATS!!!

  100. R.Hill says:

    To Allen Sports Wear:
    I am someone that is “home grown” in Wildwood. Our sports programs are very important to all of us. Some kids here down have the opportunity or funds to do many things but they do have sports to keep them involved with the community. The community here would do anything to support the kids and push them to become the best they can be. As you have read from other comments that the boys have had to share their uniforms and it would be great to see each kid that wants to play put on their own uniform and wear it for each game for the year.
    I am so proud to know that some Wildwood Alumni that have moved on and don’t live here anymore still have the Wildcat blood flowing in their veins and they are still supporting the boys to get them the uniforms. This is a great place and a great football program.
    I want to give a BIG THANKS to your company for giving us this chance!

  101. Paula says:

    4th quarter and the clock is running,
    2 minute warning coming right up,
    time for some hurry up offense
    to get this ball in the endzone!
    Wildwood and our friends, you have been great and we so very much appreciate your support.
    We can’t stop now, please stay with this thing and vote Vote VOTE!!!!
    Let’s bring home a win, from a well fought game.
    G O W I L D C A T S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  102. Amelia Sophia says:

    Wildcats, Wilcats, Wildcats, you can win this!!! GO WILDCATS!!!

  103. Lets go Wildcats!! says:

    We might be a small school, we might have less money…but we are the WILDCATS!!!
    We have pride and spirit!! This has already been proven through all of us coming together
    for these young men! Keep voting-this isn’t over yet!

  104. Matthew LaBranche--Head Coach says:

    Dear Wildcat Supporters,
    I cannot personally thank you enough for all the votes you have posted and the words of encouragement since the beginning of this contest. The coaches and I started this whole thing on a chance to win uniforms, but we have truly been shown something invaluable to our football program and our school. The outgrowing support for the football program has shown my players that people outside of Wildwood support them and believe in them. The players have realized that not only do people care for them within the community but outside of it also. That alone is a lesson that we as coaches could never have taught them without this contest. Over the past week I have noticed players walking and talking with extra motivation in hopes of not only winning this competition, but to make sure that they uphold the tradition of Wildwood Football. I also would like to thank all of those that have worked tirelessly to help get as many votes as possible. We at Wildwood are in debt to you and we hope that we can make you proud on the field in the upcoming seasons. Finally, I would like to thank Allen Sportswear for giving us this opportunity, without it we would have never had this chance to reconnect with our fans and supporters in a different way. In the end we truly became One Team.

    -Coach LaBranche

    • Connie Sands says:

      Coach – If we don’t win new uniforms this way, I’m sure if you could set up a donation drive & post in the paper where to donate to, or put cans out in the stores, or just get it out by word of mouth, etc…. you’d get enough money just from those of us who have voted, to buy new uniforms, let alone the rest of the community that may not have computers. WE ARE WILDWOOD!!! GO WILDCATS!!!!!

  105. We are Wildwood! says:

    It’s the 4th quarter and there’s not a lot of time on the clock. Everyone looks at the scoreboard and even though we’re down a few points the players, the coaches, and the fans are fired up. Coach LaBranche calls a time out to discuss his options and set up the game plan. We’ve practiced this scenario a hundred times.

    A decision has been made and given to the team. “We are Wildcats and you know what has to be done. Now get in there and show them how it’s won!!” The players sprint to the line with a purpose. They see the goal line and know they need to cross that line. The quarterback yells out the call, checks his line, and they hike the ball. Everyone in the stands are on their feet with their hands clenched tight ’cause they know this is such a close fight. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go….come on Wildwood” those words race through our mind.

    It all comes down to this moment at the end of the game. We’ve fought from the beginning and we’re not giving up now. The play is in action and we’ve done what we’ve set out to do. Now we wait just a bit longer to see if we hear that Wildwood train horn blow and the officials throw their hands in the air for the touchdown and the come from behind victory.

    Heads will be held high when the decision has been made. Win or Lose….We are Wildwood and we’re proud of our school!!


  106. Michigan Snowbird says:

    Thanks to all the coaches for participating in this competion….it allows the Wildwood fans to come together and let you and the team know how much we care and appreciate all you do for the kids and community. Go Wildwood.

  107. JuJuBee says:

    As a former cheerleader, I can PROUDLY say I was a Wildcat. I will always be a Wildcat. My husband played football, as did his two brothers. My father in law even coached there for many years. Seeing the team get new uniforms to improve their image and bring more confidence to these players, will make Wildwood proud…will make me proud to be part of it. GO CATS!!!!

  108. WildWood Football Player says:

    I Am A Football Player For The Wildwood Wildcats, I Know That It Takes Hard Work And Dedication To Play At Wildwood. We Aren’t A Rich School, Its Hard For Us To Get New Uniforms. We Need These, We Need To Win! Come On Everyone Its The Final Days, This Is Where It Conts The Most! We Deserve This, So Everyone Keep Voting!

  109. Support is behind you says:

    What I have noticed about Wildwood Football players they Practice Till It Hurts, Play Their Hearts Outs, and Pray from the Depths Of Their Soul. Wildwood doesn’t give up and never has. Keep voting and praying boys. We are behind you now and forever!

  110. zachary morrot says:

    Wildwood has the heart and soul for the sport of ffotball. we never give up and we all have one goal to be the best and win. GO BIG OR GO HOME and we r not goin ghome. so lets do work wildwood.

  111. Imaseniormama says:

    Today is the last day for votes. As I sit here reading the comments, I can’t help but feel like we’ve already won. Not by receiving new uniforms, but because of the unity and reconnection. I am overwhelmed with emotion. I am proud, for the first time in a long time, of our little town. We are Wildwood! New uniforms or not. Let’s keep this fire in our hearts alive. Go Wildcats!!

  112. Marquice Mitchell says:

    Speaking as a student athlete here at W.M.H.S, getting these new uniforms will boost our school’s and community’s spirit because we came together as one for a football team in a small city within a bad environment so we can get kids and on the field but in style.

  113. why can i not vote!!!! this is my first time

  114. Trying says:

    I would love to be able to help this team, but every avenue I have tried I am unable to vote. I’ve tried my cell phone and home computer, they both tell me thanks for voting try again tomorrow. I haven’t even voted yet from either of them. Sure hope your not missing votes because of this issue.

  115. connie says:

    I have tried to vote everyday and everyday the same message of thanks for voting is already on the site under Wildwood. That is a shame because I will bet there have been many others that cannot vote that wanted too as well-could this be rigged???? kind of funny that six different computers would not let me vote! I call foul

    • david.gourley says:

      We have worked tirelessly to keep this contest as fair as possible. If you are having problems voting, please contact me at so that I can work to resolve your issue.

      • You're appreciated!! says:

        Mr. Gourley,

        As a Wildwood fan, I want to personally thank you and the entire Allen Sportswear company for all that you have done for us in the past two weeks. I am embarrassed at the comment “Connie” has posted. The true WMHS fans know that ya’ll have done everything possible to try and help us when we’ve experienced voting issues. If “Connie” had problems voting all along, why make a comment now when there’s only a few hours to go. I don’t get it. You already know that there’s always going to be someone out there who’s going to complain about something. Of all the comments of support that have been posted on this page, someone had to complain. That’s okay because the other 99.9% of Wildwood supports are right there behind Allen Sportswear. We appreciate the opportunity you have given us whether we are victorious or not.

        You guys (and gals) are appreciated!!!

        • tina.marinshaw says:

          Thank you, and we do welcome all comments as long as it is not derogatory to another team. It’s a valid concern and we are willing to address that and make sure everyone’s at ease that we have done everything possible to keep this contest fair. Your community has truly been remarkable. Thank you for your kind words.

        • david.gourley says:

          We are very grateful for the support that has been shown by the Wildwood supporters. Believe me, we recognize the heart and determination that has been exemplified by your community. We feel blessed to see family and friends rally around the team and help these young men know that they are appreciated for their hard work.

        • Imaseniormama says:

          I would just like to clarify that Connie has been a consistent voter all along, as well as many others, and I find it very disrespectful and not of Wildcat Pride for you to assume she is just being a complainer and a last minute voter. I think Allens Sports Wear has given us a reason to work together as a team for The Team. There is no reason to add insult to another person’s comment. It is a valid complaint and as a major supporter of WMHS and the Wildcats, Connie’s concerns are for the good of the players.

  116. Lynette says:

    Wildcats never quit. We give 100% until the end. When the clock runs out in this game, we may not have the biggest score, but there is absolutely no doubt that we have the biggest hearts and spirit! I am so proud of our community support! Our love and dedication has been renewed. Let’s keep it going !
    Thank you, Allen Sportswear, for giving us this opportunity!

  117. Cody howard says:

    I just want to say is that if we get this we are so fortunate because we do deserve this win because we work so hard to win the game but we’ve came together like a family during this and I’m proud to say I’m one of the first classies of 2009-2010 to go to that school during 6th grade and I love this school alot and I’m proud to say I’m a wildcat but I’m so proud of our team for the effort they put Into the game cause they keep our team In the best condition they can and that y I love wild wood and I’m so glade we had a chance to try and get new uniforms let’s punt them into the endzone

  118. Wildcat Mom says:

    Thank you Allen Sportswear!!!!!

  119. Great job to all involved says:

    Great job to the community of wildwood. We have awesome coaches and players that are very dedicated to each other as a team and they r a great representation of the community. That is what made everyone pull together as one. Proud to be an American and a Wildcat!

    This contest has showed everyone how join together and what memorable it has been. God has really blessed us with this. Thank you Allen Sports Wear for giving us the opportunity and teaching us the meaning of WILDWOOD PRIDE AND LOVE!

  120. C.Terry says:

    Thank you Allen Sportswear for this wonderful opportunity and gift. Our players and community are excited and thankful for the new uniforms theat will be coming our way!.

  121. Wildcat Mom says:

    Words cannot express my feeling of gratitude right now. We always try to instill in our kids that hard work and preserverance pay off. Your award to us is tangible proof of that fact and our kids are experiencing it first hand. That in itself is more valuable than uniforms themselves could ever be. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

  122. Another Wildcat Mom says:

    I was very surprised and excited to see the Wildcats win the 12th Man Award! We desperately needed those new uniforms! Thank you to Allen Sportswear for honoring our hardworking team of which I am proud my son is a part of. Wildcat Fans, let’s step up now and support our team and Allen’s Sportswear by chipping in for the away game uniforms!!! When we take state, we are going to need to look good!
    Go Wildcats 2011!

    • Sharon Alderman says:

      I’m a 1968 graduate of WHS and was in the band and a majorette. It was great the way the community came out to support the high school during the 60s when I was in Jr. and Sr. High School. I do not live in the Wildwood area at the present time so I cannot participate with the fund raisers the Wildwood Athletic Club sponsors, but I would be happy to donate money to help buy the away uniforms for the football team. There needs to be a way to get the message out that donations for the new uniforms would be accepted and who to mail the donations. Whether the school would update their website with this information, via Facebook or someother method, I feel many would help with this effort.

  123. Paula says:

    Just another note of thanks to Allen Sportswear, not only for the 12th Man Award which is fabulous, but for the sense of pride and community you have helped to re-instill here in Wildwood. We have received votes from all over the country, and even many parts of the world. Our school has a long history of rivalry with the “South End,” and a much younger rivalry with a charter school which is also inside the county. We know this will always be part of sports in this county, and rivalries are not a bad thing. We need to be sure to acknowledge the fact, and say thanks to both South Sumter and The Villages for their support in this contest. We very much appreciate your votes. Next year when we meet on the grid-iron, we will all know you had a hand in the sharp new uniforms our boys will be wearing. Thanks again for the support you have given us South Sumter and Tha Villages.

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