6 Reasons Why Allen Makes the Best Sublimated Uniforms In This Industry

For years our clients and most people in the travel team sports circles have looked up to Allen Sportswear as the authority and go-to company for the best in tackle twill and sewn on custom uniforms†in the business. What most people do not know is that we now also make the best Sublimation Uniforms in this industry as well. †There are many suppliers both local and off shore that have popped up claiming to make the best sublimated uniforms†so how do you know who the best really is?

When we were first testing the waters for this process, we ordered from vendors in South America, and some neighboring states. The result was embarrassing to our clients; not only was the lead time very long, 8-12 weeks, the products usually came out looking cheap with flimsy fabric, and the design just did not stand out. The very few that did a decent job were the big local brands, but we are talking $150-$300 uniforms a pop; and the $150 ones are pre-made templates with limited options. † So we decided to offer a better product at a price that our clients can reasonably afford.

There are 6 main reasons that make Allen the choice for all your sublimation orders:

  • Allen has in house graphic designers so we donít charge art fees for our sublimation uniforms as long as you order. The average cost for sublimation art fee with our competitors is $300 (non refundable) on top of the order you are placing.

  • Price is always an issue and sublimation is not cheap; but here at Allen we blow the competition away with our outstanding prices that ranges between 20% to 35% below our competitors. How do we do this? We own our factory and technology so we are able to pass the savings on to you and cut out the middle man.

  • Allen has one of the fastest factories in this industry so we are able to cut on average 2-4 weeks off or your delivery time. Industry standard for sublimation runs 8-12 weeks while we here at Allen have a mind-blowing 6-8 week delivery time thanks to our in-house designers working together to speed the process up. On occasion, we can also rush sublimation orders to 4 weeks.

  • Because we specialize in custom uniforms, we have the widest selection of fabrics that can be sublimated on. Because we are not a stock vendor, we are not limited to what fabric inventory we can carry. This gives us easy access to the newest fabrics available and to mix and match from a wide variety of fabric choices.
  • Our total control over our factory ensures you can get any style uniform you can dream up in a time and price you can afford. There’s literally nothing we canít do!

Allen Sportswear has dedicated itself to providing only the finest quality uniforms to our athletes and coaches over the past decade and our sublimation division is no exception to the rule. We continually inspire our athletes to ìDress like it, Play like itî

Todd Marinshaw – President (Allen Sportswear) † sublimatedexamples22

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