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Oak Ridge Football    
Being a champion means taking on all obstacles head-on and doing what it takes to get past them. The Oak Ridge Pioneers have faced many impediments along their journey but have not been deterred from reaching their goals. The players on the team have come to rely on each other and their school not only on the field, but off it as well. Many of the students are on free or reduced lunch and the athletic budgets have been used not only to outfit the players, but to feed them as well. Coach Williams has taught these men the value of performing well off the field and giving back to those in need. They aid local church congregations, visit middle school students to speak with them, and support the teachers and staff at their school. The Pioneer players and coaching staff have the heart of a champion to go along with their athletic abilities. When the Dress the Champions program was announced, they saw it as an opportunity to save money in the athletic budget so that it could be spent where it was truly needed. As the voting portion of the contest began, they were amazed at the amount of support that was shown for their team. Through ups and downs and in the face of fierce competition, they were able to gather an astounding 81,000 plus votes, the most in the entire competition. However, votes were not the only show of support, their message board on the contest website was flooded with comments not only from students but from family and friends all over the world. Staff and community members gathered on the weekends to enjoy food together and support their team. As a result, the coaches and athletic directors have noticed a renewed vigor from current players. They now see that even when times seem tough, if you work hard, you can accomplish your goals.

Notable Alumni and Accomplishments:
Tim Groves (Former NFL Player)
Former Mayor of Orlando, Richard Crotty
2010 District Champion Runner-Up

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