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Wildwood Football    
One Pride, One Goal, One Team. Wildwood Middle High lives by this mantra and incorporates it into every aspect of their program. Two years ago when the middle and high schools were combined into one school, the students rallied around their team and came out strong for football tryouts. However, being a 1A rural school, budget constraints prevented them from designating uniforms for both a Junior Varsity and Varsity team. This was their motivation behind joining the Dress the Champions program. From the beginning of the contest, it was clear that this school and community would never let their size prevent them from reaching their goal. They rallied around the team and gathered daily to cast their votes, and contacted family members from around the country for support. Their enthusiasm and determination were shown daily through posts on both Facebook and their school's message board. It was this overwhelming spirit that ultimately made them a clear winner of the Allen Sportswear 12th Man Award. The contest has rekindled the memories Wildwood football has provided throughout the years. Alumni involvement has increased and many are coming out to lend a hand in any way possible. As a result of the Dress the Champions contest, the players on the team once again feel the backing of the community and are more excited than ever to take the field and show their appreciation.

Notable Alumni and Accomplishments:
One of the top winning football programs in Florida
Top 10 in the state for All-Time Playoff appearances
Ellis Johnson (Former NFL Player)
Marvin Coleman (CFL Hall of Famer)
Ron Dixon (Former NFL Player)
Keith Jones (FSU Player and Sun Sports Emmy Award Winner)

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