Can Uniform Colors Assist in Winning Games?


If you’re part of a team that participates in competitive sports, you’ve probably wondered about what types of advantages you can gain. Here’s something for you to ponder: can uniform color affect the outcome of sporting events? Can wearing a different color of Men’s Basketball Jersey actually help your team win? Interestingly, it might.


While the research we found was not looking at Men’s Basketball Uniforms specifically, the findings seem to indicate that a uniform’s color might have an impact on the outcome of a sporting event. According to research conducted during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, wearing red seems to provide a slight edge over other competitors. The differences were small, but consistent across several different combat sports including Taekwondo, Boxing, and Wrestling. The researchers thought that the red color indicated dominance and aggression to the athlete’s opponents and that this gave the red-clad competitor a slight psychological advantage.


However, further research indicates that there may be a different explanation. Four years later, at the Beijing Olympic Games, additional research was conducted that showed that part of this edge may actually be due to a subtle influence on officials rather than players. This particular study used digital manipulation to change the uniform colors in Taekwondo matches that were then played for experienced judges. Even though the fights were identical except for the color manipulation of the uniforms, referees awarded more points to contestants whose uniforms had been changed to red than to those whose uniforms had been changed to blue.


Looking at additional studies, the “red effect” also seems to apply in teams sports like Soccer. There has been research conducted into English soccer teams that showed significantly better league performance for teams wearing red over a 55 year period. According to the study, “Across all league divisions, red teams had the best home record, with significant differences in both percentage of maximum points achieved and mean position in the home league table.”2


So, our question is: does the “red effect” extend to Basketball Uniforms? Well, it couldn’t hurt! Call us to discuss all of our uniform options. (407) 641-4900



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