Circle Christian Girls Basketball Essay

Circle Christian Girls Basketball

Nominated by: Lisa Tipton

What Makes you a Champion?
What makes a champion?  Winning is everything, right? Well, that is what the world defines it as, but a true champion is someone who puts forth 100% effort when fighting for a cause whether it is on the field of competition, in the class room, or in the community.  If you exhaust your abilities towards accomplishing a goal, no matter the outcome, you are a champion in the eyes of the Lord.  For all He asks of us is our best, ?Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for men,? Colossians 3:23.  Let me tell you why Circle Christian School?s Girl?s Basketball team is a champion.
Beginning the 2010-2011 season, the Lady Centurions were expected to have a losing season by all who saw their roster.  The starting line-up consisted of one senior, one freshman, and three eighth graders.  Needless to say, they had a lot going against them: they did not have the maturity, the experience or the skills that their opponents did.   At the first few practices, four of the nine players could barely dribble a basketball let alone make a layup.  Nonetheless, their common goal was to make it to Regionals.  Facing one of their District opponents twice during the regular season, they lost by thirty plus points each time.  Disappointed with their effort, they devoted more of their time to improving themselves.  They picked up the intensity at practices and committed to training on their own. Through several more weeks of hard work and diligence, they faced the same District opponent for the third time in the District semi-finals.  Fighting with every ounce of being in them, they narrowed the lead to two points in the fourth quarter after beginning the game with an 11-0 run against Circle.  Slowly in the fourth quarter, players started fouling out as a result of competing so arduously.  When the final buzzer sounded, they were down by ten.  Despite the fact that they lost for the third time, they walked off the court knowing they had nothing more to give and gave all the glory to God.  They left the gym with all their fans proud and with their heads held high for they knew, they did what God commands.  The underdog Lady Centurions went above and beyond, ending the season with a record of 17-9.
Not only are the Lady Centurions champions on the court, but they strive for excellence in the classroom as well by pushing themselves towards success.  Focused and determined, many of the players earn straight A?s.  Recently, a ninth-grader from their team and an art student at Circle was awarded top honors in the Manatee Decal Art Contest.  Her design will help promote the protection of Florida?s endangered state marine animals.  Also, an eighth grader took Spanish 1 and scored the highest in her class of students through the eleventh grade.  Another player?s hard work was rewarded when she was awarded 2nd place in the Veterans of Foreign Wars essay competition.  This paper was written to show her appreciation for veterans and to express whose hands America?s future lies in.  Valuing their education, the Lady Centurions unfailingly push themselves in academics.
Amid their busy schedules, the girls also make time to serve in their communities.  One of the girls volunteers at Coalition for the Homeless where she serves food to the less fortunate and embraces the opportunity to love on them.  She also serves at the Accept Pregnancy Center where she, ?shows God?s beauty (through landscaping) so women can sense hope, love and comfort.?  Another young lady on the team leads a Sunday school class where she has the opportunity to pour into the lives of others.  She also hosts a ?Backyard Summer Club,? where she and her family bring in children who know nothing about the Lord so they may teach them. They also have a player who collects soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.  Ronald McDonald then sells the tabs to a recycling center and uses the money to help operate the house.  In addition, one of the girls volunteers at Orlando Christian Center where she loves on the children.  Tackling one project at a time, the Lady Centurions pour everything they have in to loving on God?s children and giving back to their community.
Consuming their time with practicing, studying and serving with their whole heart, the Lady Centurions are true champions in the Lord?s eyes.

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