Liberty High School Girls Basketball Essay

Liberty High School Girls Basketball
Nominated by: Ramses Kelly

To Allen Sportswear,
?Champions are made not born,? is one of our mottos for the Lady Chargers at Liberty High School in Kissimmee. A champion is made with character, hard work, and team work. We are a program on the rise. The Lady Chargers competed in the 2010 Osceola County Midnight Summer Basketball league and finished champions. We compete in the classroom as well accumulating a team GPA of 3.0. Off the court we have made an impact in the community. The Ladies teamed up with Habitat for Humanities to take part in a Brush for Kindness in Poinciana (photo is attached). For an entire day, in Florida?s God given sun, the squad gave the blood, sweat, and tears to paint a house where foster kids are living. The day was eye opening because the ladies worked non stopped, paint dripping, and trimming edges to cover an entire house. The Lady Chargers turned that house from eye sore to palace. However, the challenges of the economy have made it difficult to remain and dress like champions.
Without a doubt the economy has affected Osceola County the hardest in Central Florida. Per 1000 homes, Osceola County has the highest foreclosures rate. This unbalance of economics has trickled down to our school system. Houses not being homes, parents with no jobs, and students living on the streets are only a few a symptoms of this economy and how it affects our schools and our student athletes. Liberty High School Girls Basketball Team is not strangers to these ills. In spite of these issues the Lady Charger continue to shine on and off the court. Sara Celestine, power forward has moved since her junior year to avoid foreclosure. Lizette Jauregui, a promising shoot guard, has transfer to another school because her mom could not keep up the payments of a mortgage in Poinciana. We have players on away games refusing to get off the bus because they are embarrassed that they have no money to eat. This year we had five young ladies JV and Varsity unable to buy the team shoes. Times are hard.
Unquestionably, coaching high school basketball and football is a full time job. This past year three boy?s coaches have resigned because of the wear and tear of the job, uniforms also go through the same wear and tear process. Liberty, prior to my arrival, has had three different coaches in the three year. To put that in prospective, the school opened in 2007. As a result our uniforms have been abused, battered, and care for as if they were unwanted orphans. The past three coaches did not take proper care of the uniforms, both white and green, leaving them brownish and undesirable to the look it or wear during a FHSAA basketball game. When I moved JV girls up to Varsity this year, some players were uncomfortable wearing the uniform because of the discoloration.
If any team desires receiving uniforms from Allen Sportswear, it is Liberty High School Girls Basketball. We have suffered hardships with the economy and players have endured three coaches who have come and gone and left them with Cinderella?s hideous uniforms. It would be an honor and delight to wear the Allen Sportswear Brand and look like Champions on the court. LHS Girls basketball will represent the company proudly and ?Dress like champions?.
Ramses Kelly
Head Coach Liberty HS Girls Basketball

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