Osceola High School Softball Essay

Osceola (Kissimmee) Softball

Nominated by: Mary Carswell
Dedication, Pride, Tradition
If you arrive on Osceola High School?s campus at six in the morning in the late fall and early spring, and listen closely, you will hear the sound of running. Members of the Lady Kowboy softball program are there running the track, running the bleachers, and running the conditioning drills into their blood. Why do this? Why condition for their sport when they could just wait until the season starts? The answer is simple ? dedication, pride, tradition. The program has always revolved around these ideals and any girl entering the program knows it.
Dedication ? not only do the girls show dedication through conditioning, but they also show their dedication through their seemingly tireless practices. Every day of the season, they work on everything from the basics of bunting to the intricacies of pulling off a squeeze play at the plate. In addition, they dedicate themselves to the program by painting the dugouts if needed, or pulling weeds and trimming bushes to help beautify Coffey Field.
Pride ? just watch a Lady Kowboy softball team member walk around campus or run out onto the field. In both cases, you will see their head held high and a sense of confidence in their eye. Each member of the program knows what it means to be a member of the program and they hold the membership close to their heart. They know they are watched, they know they are an example for others to follow, they know some are just waiting for them to mess up, but they won?t. They have too much pride in the program to disappoint the program.
Tradition ? maintaining good grades, practicing as hard as they play, embracing a family atmosphere. This is the tradition of Lady Kowboy softball. Some complain the standards are set too high for grades, but all those who have gone on to play college ball do not think so. Some complain the practices are too long and too intense, but on the day of regional playoffs, no one complains. Some complain the family atmosphere is fake, but no one can deny the camaraderie of the players, coaches, parents and fans as the games are played.
So, we are asked what makes us a champion? It is everything that has been done in the past to create our traditions, everything that has established a reputation of diehard dedication, and everything that makes us proud to be part of the Lady Kowboy Softball program.

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