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Allen Sportswear Custom Team Sports Uniforms - Draft BoardTo be a success on the court, field, or diamond, you have to play the part ? but you have to look it, too. That’s why plain¬†sports uniforms won’t make the cut if you want your team to look confident and be the envy of the competition.
Here at Allen Sportswear, we understand that your team uniforms need to stand out and wear comfortably without breaking your bank. That’s why as a leading manufacturer of basketball uniforms, football uniforms, baseball uniforms, and softball uniforms, we offer the ultimate in sports uniform design, quality, and competitive pricing.

Our custom uniform builder, the Draft board, will supercharge your custom team sports uniforms!

Allen Sportswear makes customizing your new team sports uniforms as easy as pointing your mouse and clicking. Choose from 100+ designs that will blow away the competition!
You are in the driver’s seat with our cutting-edge Draft board. Watch as your selections for colors, style, fabrics, letters, and numbers appear instantly on the screen. Take as much time as you need to create your slam-dunk masterpiece!
Or, you can let us do the work for you! Give us a call and our veteran uniform designers will take your ideas and turn them into pro quality basketball uniforms, football uniforms, baseball uniforms, or softball uniforms.
If you really want to set your team apart, you can check out our sublimation capabilities that will allow you to design custom sports uniforms with any pattern and color you can imagine.

Quality fabrics and customer service are the perfect complement to our unique designs.

Allen Sportswear is staffed by current and former athletes and coaches. We’ve been in the trenches. We know what makes a great sports uniform and we are constantly striving to deliver the latest in design, fabrication, quality, and service to our elite group of clients.
We use only pro-quality materials. Our lightweight, strong, moisture-wicking dri-fit fabrics won’t cling to your players’ bodies or restrict their motion. Our fully synthetic fabrics are resistant to mildew, creasing, and wrinkling. All of our athletic uniforms are easily washable and quick-drying; everything you expect in professional team sports uniforms.
No one beats the value you receive from our company. We can produce the same caliber uniform you see on nationally recognized professional teams for a fraction of the price. We make this possible by having our own factory and building strong relationships with business partners and suppliers of high grade sports uniform materials. Direct control over production means we take zero shortcuts, manage our costs, and consequently pass on those savings to YOU.
Along with athletic uniforms, we also make custom warmups, custom coach gear, and custom fan apparel.

Allen Sportswear custom team uniforms are undefeated in design, quality, and value!

Make a bold statement on and off the court, field, or diamond with our custom sports uniforms.
Easy to Design. Professional Quality. Unbeatable Value.
Our uniforms are a slam dunk! What are you waiting for?
Click here to start building a team uniform that will make your players look like pros and make you look like a cost-saving genius.

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