New Smyrna Beach High School Boys Basketball Essay

New Smyrna Beach High School Men?s Basketball

Nominated by: Steve Gawriluk
What Makes Us a Champion?
We understand that there is more to being a ?champion? than winning games.
Winning is just a small part of competing that is a result of a particular performance. As a ?champion? we realize that wins and losses will not define us.  Striving to be a ?champion? is an ever evolving process that we embrace daily.
Our goal to be a ?champion? endorses the concept of achieving the following eight qualities.
C: ?Character & Commitment?. We must be a positive role model in the classroom, the community and on the court all the time, not just in-season.
H: ?Hard-work?.  Every day in practice and at every game we huddle on our hard hat.  The hard hat is our symbol to work hard every day in all aspects of our program.  If we aren?t working hard then we aren?t working to improve.
A:  ?Attitude to Achieve?.  We must demonstrate that we have a desire to reach our goals, to keep moving forward no matter what the circumstances present. Every disappointment we encounter presents a new opportunity to achieve greatness.
M: ?Make a Difference?. We place a priority on making a difference in other people?s lives.  It might be as simple as picking up a piece of trash on the ground and throwing it away or presenting a clinic for a local youth program.  Somehow we must find a way to make a positive impact.
P: ?Passion, Persistence, Patience and Purpose?.  A champion loves what  they are doing. We love the game, we want to be the best that we can possibly be so we have to keep working with a purpose no matter how long it takes.
I:  ?Integrity?.  Whatever endeavor we undertake we will accomplish it doing it the right way. No short cuts are allowed and no matter the results we take full responsibility for our actions.
O: ?Others?.  It is not about me!  We think of the group first and foremost.  What one person does effects the entire program. Together we are stronger than any individual.
N:  ?No Excuses?.  The champion mentality does not except excuses.  We admit if we make a mistake. If we come up short of meeting expectations we learn from the experience and try to improve at the next opportunity.
When we live our lives with the purpose of demonstrating the eight qualities then we are a ?champion?. This philosophy is the heart and soul of the Barracuda Basketball program at New Smyrna Beach High School and it is  ?What Makes Us a Champion?.

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