Should I buy sewn on or sublimated uniforms, what’s right for me?

When buying new sports uniforms there are three main things you must consider if you are going to be completely satisfied with your purchase. I’m writing this assuming you don’t want pre-made printed jerseys (That’s a whole different subject I will get into later).

The Look –  This is the most important part of buying a uniform. When you buy a basketball uniform, football uniform, baseball uniform or any other sports uniform for your team, that uniform is going to represent everything you want others to see and feel about your team. Is your team business like, professional, hard working, or are they crazy and just want to have fun all the while winning of course. These attitudes will go a long way in deciding which direction you want to go. Sewn on numbers look awesome when you are trying to tell the other team “we are not to be messed with.” They convey  hard work, hustle and a “we deserve to be here” attitude. Sublimated uniforms are awesome when you are trying to be brash and exciting. With sublimation, the uniform is the canvas and you are the painter, any crazy design you want to have is in the palm of your hands, but  be careful because you could end up looking like a  bunch of clowns if your design gets too outlandish.

The Feel – Sewn on uniforms have a solid, reliable feel to them. They are a bit heavier but once the game starts, you can’t even tell.  For some people though, weight is everything and if this is the case for you then you  might want to consider sublimation which is a little lighter because there is no additional fabric sewn on the uniform. From personal experience I have found that the weight is not a huge difference and has no in-game effects one way or another.

The Price – Traditional sewn on uniforms do cost more than the cheap heat press pre-made jerseys but are still less than Sublimated uniforms. Sublimation is a process of literally painting a design on the fabric and heating it to a point that it becomes part of the fabric. All this takes a lot of time and money to make so the uniform will generally cost an additional 20%-30% more than a sewn on uniform. If the perfect look is worth a few dollars more than this might be your choice.

So which one is right for you? Once you answer these three questions you will know..

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By: Todd Marinshaw


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