Training to Avoid Injuries
Did you know that more than 10,000 people receive treatment in emergency departments nationwide everyday for injuries resulting from sports and recreational activities? While we want to train our team to perform with their best to win, we should also focus on training to avoid injuries. Because while trophies and medals looks great, having your best players on the bench because they got hurt is not the best scenario.

One of the most common sites of injury is the knee. Whether it be a landing after a jump shot or sprinting to get to the next base, our knees are vulnerable to every kind of sprain, tear and even permanent damage if we do not use proper techniques. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball players are most susceptible to knee injuries because of body mechanics that come with these contact sports.
  • Incorporation of warm-ups that strengthen the lower body is an easiest, least time consuming and effective way to prevent knee injuries.
  • Focus on strengthening muscle groups such as the hip stabilizers, hamstrings, quadriceps, and foot invertor and evertor.
  • Teach your team to properly decelerate the body’s momentum, such as with suicide sprints, and correct techniques that may cause injuries.
  • Teach proper landing mechanics, including landing on the balls of the feet and into a knee- and hip-flexed position with proper knee alignment.

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By: Elmine Ira Beard
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