University High School Football Essay

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What makes a Champion?
As head coach of the University High School Cougar Football Team we are committed to being champions on and off the field.  In order to be a champion we have dedicated ourselves to reaching our full potential while growing mentally, physically and spiritually. We recognize that we are students first and athletes second. We will personify class and humility on and off the field with the understanding that the family (team) can only progress with the presence of love and respect. We recognize that every action must be with the team in mind and there will be an absence of special privileges for any individual. We know that we will get as our work deserves and that fun will prevail for all.
When attending USH High School and participating in the football program there is an understanding that our young men will be participating in two types of education: one that teaches us how to make a living, the other teaches us how to live. Our student-athletes involvement will develop qualities necessary to be a champion in life. Qualities like character, responsibility, positive attitude, self-image, leadership and goal oriented are all traits of a true champion. We will also prepare these young men to deal with adverse situations, conditions, and relationships that they will encounter in life. Through our experiences as a football player we will also learn that we need each other. We will use football as a vehicle to prepare young men to be champions in life.
As champions we also understand that it is not all about us. The importance of giving back to the community that provides so much is often forgotten . The past two years through our fundraising efforts we have been able to make a contribution to two different organizations.  Our involvement with Make-A-Wish foundation, helped grant a young boy his wish of visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers and this year we were able to make a donation to the Michael Stolzenberg Trust to help a 10 year old boy who lost his limbs to a rare bacterial infection.
I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I realize these are tough economic times and Allen Sportswear?s generous opportunity will be greatly appreciated, by whoever is selected, and help in the development of their young student-athletes. We believe at UHS our football players are champions because we are winning the game of life.
Don Stark
Head Football Coach
University High School

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