Wekiva High School Boys Basketball Essay

Wekiva High School Men?s Basketball

Nominated By: Scott Williams
What Makes ?Wekiva Boys Basketball? a Champion?
The philosophy of the Boy?s Basketball program at Wekiva High School (Apopka, FL) is simple: We desire to help our young men to become better men, better employees, better husbands and better fathers through the life lessons applied through the competition of basketball.  We strive for our young men to become ?Champions in Life? through the process of becoming ?Champions on the Court.?
We attempt to do these things in a number of ways:
Play the game the right way: Our program has earned a well-deserved reputation of being championship-caliber because we play hard, we play smart and we play together.  Our consistent efforts over the past 4 years (as a new school) have created expectations that our players embrace.  We WILL outwork you, we WILL out-execute you and we WILL outsmart you.  Over the past 2 seasons, our program has been ranked among the top 15 in all of Central Florida and has played in some of the most prestigious events/tournaments in the state, a testimony to our quality of play but most importantly, the quality of character in the young men that represent us.
Care about our athletes as young men and as students: We believe that championship programs require their young men to:
Attend study hall programs and have their grades regularly monitored;
Sit in the 1st two rows of their classrooms and be on time for all functions
Wear dress clothes on game days to school and on road trips;
Attend school EVERY day and if absent, have already notified their coaches about their illness;
Set an example in terms of their dress and actions on campus
We always emphasize to our parents that even when they don?t always agree with the basketball decisions we make as a program that they always can feel totally satisfied that our program ALWAYS seeks to make their son a better MAN in all they do. And yes, often our players ?fall short? in meeting our expectations, but they are always held to a high standard and they accept the appropriate consequences that are necessary in creating growth in all of our lives.
Our players know the value of ?Paying it Forward?: The young men in our program donate 25 hours of service work every summer with our Mustangs Basketball Camp that has over 60 children ages 8-13 attending each year.  They serve as camp counselors and coaches and set an incredible example of love and service. Our players have also visited local elementary schools during Drug Prevention awareness activities and have supported local Special Olympics events.
Our players know the value of HARD WORK: We attempt to be as self-sufficient as possible, with our players and families raising over $7,500 each year through:
Poinsettia Sales
Concession Stand Work
Mustangs Basketball Camp
I sincerely believe that the character of our young men and the achievement of our basketball program allow us to proclaim that we are ?Champions.?  We would be humbled to be considered for this honor as it would be an enormous blessing to our players, their families and to our coaching staff all of whom have struggled to meet the economic demands that running a championship program entails.  Thank you in advance of your consideration of the Wekiva Mustangs Boys Basketball Program as one of your ?Dress the Champions? winners.

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