Best Tips to Improve Your Shooting Mechanics

The 2020-2021 basketball season is here! AAU, USSSA and other travel basketball teams are getting ready to play their first spring games in the coming weeks. As we are quickly moving towards the season, here is a list of tips for you to improve your shooting mechanics and have success throughout the season. Of course, being an incredible shooter requires much more than these tips. It all starts with putting champion effort during the off-season which includes a strict training schedule and strong desire to perfect your fundamentals daily. 

If being a champion is worth your time and effort then these tips are for you! With your strong work ethic these tips will help you as a shooter all through your season as long as you continue to work hard at them all season!

Locate your Target Earlier: Getting used to finding your target will improve your shooting rate as it will give your mind more time to subconsciously figure distance and focus on your target. Your eyes ought to be on the rim as early as possible. To make this little trick work, you have to build up this habit in practice, which will carry on in actual games. (Also practice dribbling without looking down, once you are good at that dribble two basketballs without looking down)

Pay Attention to Your Balance and Stance: Great shooting always starts with the base. To have a well-balanced base your feet should be about shoulder-width apart and slightly staggered. The shooting foot should be a bit forward of the non-shooting foot. Once a comfortable stance is developed, line up your feet in the same way while taking every shot. Whatever stance you use, consistency is critical. When it’s time to release the ball your body should be centred and balanced whether you are standing on two feet or jumping in the air. YouTube is your best friend and practising this like choreography is your best-est friend.

Analyse Your Grip: Place your shooting hand behind the basketball and your guide hand on the side of the basketball. Your fingers should be spread apart enough to adjust the basketball in one hand. Only let the top half of your palm touch the ball which helps in controlling the direction and having a good backspin.  Position your fingers over the horizontal lines of the ball so you get consistent grip and backspin on every shot!

Use a Colored Ball to Improve Rotation: To improve the straightness of your shot, try a colored basketball during training. This makes it simple to see the rotation and direction of the ball. The immediate feedback makes it quick and simple for you to adjust and improve your shot.

Stay Confident: Our last yet definitely not least the tip is to remain confident in yourself. You will experience numerous highs and lows throughout the game. Shots may not fall, or it might appear like nothing is going your way. When you really put the work in during practice, then these are the moments that you are prepared for. Lastly, when it’s gametime never underestimate the power of wearing comfortable and well-designed basketball uniforms! Looking and feeling like a superstar will surely boost your confidence and give you an edge of your competition.

Final Thoughts

You now have the best tips to turn into a reliable and consistent shooter and be a great asset on offense. Remember that all great things come to those who work hard for it. Practice, monitor your progression, be open to advice and help from mentors or teammates and take time to record and  analyze your shot so you can be your best each and every season. 

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