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How to Customize Basketball Uniforms With the Right Material

With basketball season in full swing and March Madness making your basketball players even more excited to get on the court, it may be time for your team to update their uniforms. Itís the perfect time to customize your jerseys to emulate your favorite professional teamís.

For menís or womenís teams, deciding on a new jersey can be a difficult decision for coaches who want their players to perform their best. Choosing a specific material for your jerseys can make all the difference. In the early days of basketball, fabric was less advanced and players dunked basketballs in any clothes they had, which usually were made out of heavy, thick material. Now, with so many better options available, itís important to pay attention to what your basketball uniform material offers your players.

Mesh vs. Polyester


Mesh is loosely woven fabric that is filled with tiny holes that permit air to flow freely in and out. The loosely knitted uniforms would provide your team members with the cool air they need to keep their temperature down during an intense game. Another fact about mesh that you should consider is the price. Because it is so finely made, mesh can be expensive. Most uniforms for professional teams are made out of mesh, but for teams that donít have several sponsors and thousands of adoring fans paying for game tickets, the better choice might be polyester. Polyester is a great replacement for the overly pricey mesh material. Itís breathable, affordable and sometimes offered with ìwickî features that are sweat-resistant.


After decades of trial and error, designers have found knit fabric to be the best material for basketball jerseys. I know what youíre thinking. When you hear the word ìknitî, you think of scarves and thick sweaters. It sounds like you would want to avoid methods used for winter wear when designing a basketball jersey. With sweaters, designers layer the knit fabric. The knit method actually allows air to flow freely through the fabric, and with a sweater, the many layers let air enter the first layer that becomes trapped in the rest of the layers, therefore warming you up. When basketball jerseys are made of knit material, they use a single layer so that the warm air flows out and cool air flows in.

Make sure that your team is performing their best by providing uniforms that give players the breathability and flexibility they need. The perfect basketball jersey can make your players feel like pros and encourage them to work their hardest for the win!

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