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Oak Ridge Football Submission

Nominated by: Janet Rasmussen

Oak Ridge Pioneers have heart. Our team knows what it is to fight through adversity and never give up. The majority of Oak Ridge High school students are Haitian and many, having moved here recently, are learning English for the first time. Over 85% of our student population is on free and reduced lunch. Only two of our student athletes this year have cars to help with transportation… Read more.

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164 Responses to “Oak Ridge Football Submission”

  1. bunny says:

    Go Oakridge!!!!!

    • Quay Myers says:

      ohh ya you already know what time it is girl

    • yunior says:

      vote for oak ridge and go georgia shouts out to dookhie and swimmie

    • T.Ross says:

      Coach Williams you are doing a great job with the student-athete. You are making a difference in their lives. When things are getting tough look up where your stength comes from. Continue the great work and the players will always remember that you never gave up. May God continue to bless you and your great team!

      Go Oak Ridge!
      Go Gators!

  2. Gillian Eckhardt says:

    As a former Oak Ridge High School Teacher, I know the tremendous needs of these kids. The football team represents the bonding together of cultures represented at Oak Ridge; Haitian, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic as well as Japanese, Chinese and Morrocan. These kids deserve to win!!!

  3. OC resident says:

    You’re doing great things at Oak Ridge High School. Keep up the good work and good luck!!

  4. claudy morilus says:

    go oak ridge

  5. samuel david says:

    go oak ridge pioneers football we deserve to win.

  6. Chanel Shea says:

    OMG You Guys Are So Hot!! Ya’ll Should Add Me On Facebook =)

  7. GO OAK RIDGE………………………… YEA

  8. nlouis says:

    whether we win or lose oakridge will still be the hotest team out there best believe that…theres no pride like the pioneer pride…LETS GO OAKRIDGE !!!

  9. nlouis says:

    whether we win or lose oakridge will still be the hotest team out there best believe that…theres no pride like the pioneer pride…LETS GO OAKRIDGE !!!

  10. Gene says:

    ORHS all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. william f. stamper says:

    go pioneers

  12. tunchie says:

    baby we love yall go 12-0 this year

  13. tunchie says:

    shout out to #4 #6 #7 #8 #9 # 10 #56 # 92

  14. Mars Drakiee says:

    Hello Pioneers ,, Um Hello ,, And Hello And Hello Again – Lol ! : )

  15. Angie M says:


  16. Mars Drakiee says:

    Young Mulaaaaa Baby (Weezy Voice)

  17. Champagne says:

    gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oak ridge !!! ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..

  18. Michelle says:

    ihope yall win oakridge football players

  19. Judy DeMott says:

    The Oakridge players are great! They work so hard and put their hear and soul into playing! The whole school is much better now with the new administration. Go Oakridge!! Get those uniforms!

  20. Mars Drakiee says:

    Wat It Is Doe . . . . . . .

  21. carlos polanco says:

    oak ridge all day!

  22. Lady Buqq says:


  23. chico gwalla says:

    aye hope yall boys win dis

  24. Mars Drakiee says:

    We Gott AMSCOT MONEY ,, Lmao !

  25. Randall_El says:

    Is this how I vote? This is for you Worday.

  26. Leyla Shaughnessy says:

    It’s great to be a Pioneer!!

  27. Shania T says:

    Great voting job guys, but we gotta keep it going. A comment left on UHS’ page stated that all the other schools are rich and the person doesn’t understand why we (Oak Ridge and the other schools) are even voting. Who lied to that him? I love Oak Ridge, but unless this is “talk backwards day” Oak Ridge is FAR from rich. Between OR and UH the financial need award most certainly goes to OR, hands down! We need the uniforms more so let’s vote OR people! Let’s go Pioneers, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, LET’S GO!!!!

    • Pioneer Fan says:

      NO KIDDING!! Our budget may be smaller but we definitely have more heart!!!! For being a much smaller school, we have voted our butts off!!!

      We can’t stop though or we will lose our lead very quickly. Keep it up!!

      Good job Oak Ridge Students and Community!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Yissy says:

    Oak Ridge high school football manager for 4 years & i wouldn’t trade my boys for nothing, they’ve became more than friends they are like my brothers, i enjoyed being part of the team & thank yall for accepting me & always taking care of me it tears my heart apart to know i am leaving yall this year , when i watch the highlight tape i cant do nothing but cry. i love y`all so much & i know the 2011-2012 season will be great i still will be going to support y`all. i love you’ll & special shout out to my brothers andre & trevaris i love yall sooo much & yall will do great! SWIFT TEAM winning :) lets win this shit.

  29. Nguni mohapatra says:

    Go oakridge…..

  30. Shaee Hunny ! says:

    iLY My Pioneers ?? ( Goen Ham )

  31. PatrickStar(Kenny.C] says:

    Ilove Oak Ridge.

  32. LilOne. says:

    – Ilove Oak Ridge, im glad we have came up. We are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work ORHS.

  33. matheska says:

    seniors we gotta rep diz nd mak diz skool get it we need it jus as muc as any other skool come on class ov 2011 lets own diz

  34. BJD says:


  35. chico gwalla says:

    man y our scores went down lukn fishy now

  36. Mars Drakiee says:

    S – W – A – G – G !

  37. Trichia Jean says:

    We need new jerseys ! Go Oak Ridge!!!

  38. Dick Damron says:

    My heart bleeds green and gold!!! Go team!!!

  39. Ashleyyy (: says:

    OAKRIDGE (: Even If We DONT Win ( Whichh iHopee We Do <3) We Still FInnaa Beat EVERY Team In Our OLD STINKY Uniforms xD (:

  40. ERiKA ? says:

    GO PiONEERS! :)

  41. fatman says:

    aye shout out to dem boyz 4,6,7,8,9,10,12,92,53,65,20,15,and everybody else on dat bih

  42. CFRANK '11 says:


  43. Viet(Buddha) says:

    ohk has any body notice there isnt a vote for oak ridge thing for us or is that jus on my computer??????

    • tina.marinshaw says:

      There is a limit of one vote per voter and 3 per IP address. If you have already voted, the button will not re appear until the next day. Please come back again. Thanks!

    • david.gourley says:

      There is a 24 hour cap in place for how many times you may vote. If you have voted within the last 24 hours from your computer the maximum allowed times, your schools vote button will not show.

  44. Big'Greedy Kimbo says:

    Okaridge High School Football Manager For the past 2 years now and im happy that i chose to be with yall. I got so much love for this team its unbelievable and im proud of every single player on the team. Regardless if we dont win this i no for a FACT that we will still beat all of those other teams. I cant wait for next season cause i no that my last season managing yall will be the very best! I love you all and good luck to all the senior football players leaving this year we’ll miss you guys! GO ORHS PIONEERS C/O 2012! LEHH GO! 😀

  45. chico gwalla says:

    man yall slackin yall want us to win keep votin we in fourth place we need to make a move cuz we deserves dis

  46. Jahjah says:

    We got this!! TRUST I know! ;p woohoo! GO OAKRIDGE! ;p

  47. Theresa Perreault says:

    Good luck boys!! I teach at Jackson Middle School and our school is supporting you!! We know you have earned and deserve every vote you receive!!!!!! We hope you get those new uniforms!

  48. shateka says:


    • Blackbird says:


  49. McLoving says:

    go pioneers!

  50. I believe oakridge deserves to win they’ve worked very hard and come so far they deserve to win and finally
    reap the benefits of all their hard work. GO OAKRIDE!!!!!

  51. Numba 4 on deck says:

    We aint seein nun and nobody so yall throw them votes lets get it.. love my football fam

  52. Rubens says:

    Show out with the new Green&Gold cuz i know we winning this ” OAK RIDGE PRIDE “

  53. Danger "D-THUG" Sondy says:

    Go Oak Ridge high school.

  54. chedens alexis says:

    go oak ridge high school



  56. behyvan dastinot says:

    go oak high school

  57. D-THUG says:


    • Jay says:

      All Haitians need to go out and support and show love for Oakridge…….anyone or place willing to give Haitians a Chance’ or show dem some love …..Im down with! Go Oakridge!

  58. Pretty Zoe says:

    Pionners Winnin!
    Green & Gold
    I Love My Team!!!
    We Go Harder!

  59. Nash says:

    Keep voting!! Tell all your friends and post it on fbook!! We’ve got to win this!! GO PIONEERS!!

  60. Buddha!!! says:

    Aye You Already Know OakRidge is Where its at so Keep Voting For The Best

    ………. ………… …… …… …………….. ……………. …………… ……………. ……………..
    … …. …. ….. ……………. …… …… ……………. …. ……. ……. …. ……………..
    … …. ……………. ………….. …………….. …… …. …… ……. ………
    … …. …… …… ……………. ….. …….. …… …. ……. ……. …….. …………..
    … …. ……. ……. …… ……… ….. ……… …………… ….. …… ……………… ……….
    ………. …….. …….. …… ………… ….. ………. …………… ………….. ………… .. ………………
    ………. ……… ……… …… ……… ….. …….. …………. ……….. ……… .. ………………

    O A K R I D G E

  61. kaylaaaaaa says:

    if any school deserves this its ours,, GO OAKRIDGE :) GREEN && GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Lets Go We Ghot Dhis We In First Place &&I Noe We Wanna Keep It That Way So Keep Voten .Even Though Imma Be Headin Out Tew Wildwood Nxt Year Imma Still Rep Oak Ride Wit Myy Sweaters &&Shirts Cuz I Will Always Bleed Green &&Gold So Lets Go

  63. tre#7 says:

    we got dis football team

  64. Jump Ball Hart says:

    vote oakridge we taking off this year

  65. VietNguyen says:

    Okay so i see Oak Ridge is on top man we got to keep up the good work PIONEERS all day baby

  66. "Spirit of '76" Alumnus says:

    Go Oak Ridge! The school and community deserve to win as both make a “comeback” attempt. Good luck, and keep voting!

  67. chico gwalla says:

    man we at the top rite now lehgoo proud to be a pioneer

  68. chico gwalla says:

    its a shame im doin fcat and still voting man i love my skool

  69. Nadeje says:

    I love you guys and I want you guys to keep up the great work because we’re going all the way this year!!!!!!
    & No one deserves these uniforms like you all so keep voting everyone?

  70. jerome says:

    if you guys vote for pine castle then i’ll get pine castle to vote for all yall

    • Vote Exchange says:

      Sounds like a plan! Thank you so much for your support!

      • jerome says:

        When we knock out 4,000 votes for pine castle then we will vote for Oak Ridge. You have to keep your word and vote for pine castle. Yall gotta vote. My brotha Jamall voted for yall and he is not at Oak Ridge.

        • david.gourley says:

          This type of activity is not authorized. The voting stations are to vote for your school ONLY. If votes are cast from another school that exceed our set limitations, they will be removed. If you would like to show your support for another school, you must do it from home to stay within the rules.

          • unfair contest says:

            This contest is looking more and more like a FIXED contest. No one from Oak Ridge is this person VOTE EXCHANGE. How isnt this obvious to you people that running this contest. Oak Ridge goes up a lot of votes then mysteriously some one from Oak ridge says yes we will vote for pine castle if they vote for us?? Thats some BS. No one from Oak ridge is voting for anybody but Oak ridge. How easy is it to post a comment and make it seem as some one is cheating so that your other team can win.. GET A CLUE.

          • david.gourley says:

            The unauthorized votes that were cast today were identified as the ip address linked to Pine Castle. Whether or not anyone from Oak Ridge is or isn’t voting for another school, that school did vote for Oak Ridge. If you would like more information on the specifics, feel free to call or email us directly. We have no problem being fully transparent about these or any voting changes that have been made.

        • Pioneer For Life says:

          Vote exchange is a real person. Please get your facts straight before you come onto Oak Ridge’s comment page bringing all this negativity! If you have a problem post it on your own page not on ours. Jerome, Oak Ridge has voted for Pine Castle, however I am not clear as to how many votes were casted. Thank you for your support and I personally will continue my vote for Pine Castle. As for everyone else, please stop getting upset for Oak Ridge trying to do something positive, we will not be the butt of your jokes anymore, so build a bridge and get over it!

          • david.gourley says:

            As long as you are voting from outside your school’s voting station, feel free to vote for any other school in the competition. Please use the school computers to vote for your school ONLY

        • Upset says:

          @Unfair contest please watch your mouth coming on our page with all that negativity. Please check your attitude before you click on our link. If you have nothing positive to say get off our page. Oak Ridge will win fair and square so build a bridge and get over it. @Jeremy, I am Vote Exchange and have voted several times for Pine Castle and have asked that Oak Ridge vote for you guys too. How many votes have been place by us for you I don’t know. Please do not listen to that Unfair Contest hater. @ Every school: part of being a sport and a Champion is displaying good sportsmanship. With that in mind think twice before leaving your nasty remarks on our page and even your own. We will no longer be the butt of your jokes so show respect or don’t comment. Yes we are Oak Ridge and yes we have support, despite what you may think. Thank you.

          • david.gourley says:

            We don’t mind if you vote for other schools in the competition, just make sure that it is done from outside of your schools voting station at home.

    • FAKERs! says:

      THIS CONTEST IS RIGGED!!!!! every comment has to be approved before it can be posted, so how was this comment approved to be posted when it clearly breaks the rules? it was approved so that when Oak ridge got a big lead, yall could go back to this post an say no we got votes from Pine Castle and thats illegal, and then take our votes away from us again

      • david.gourley says:

        The comment was approved because we were under the impression that if another school’s students were voting for Oak Ridge it would be done from home. The voting stations that we allowed to be set up at the schools were intended only to be used by that’s school’s students to vote for their nominated programs. This was to help schools with circumstances where some students may not have the luxury of voting from home because they can’t afford a computer. We identify each ip address that casts a vote in the contest. Today out of the 8,000+ votes that were placed for Oak Ridge, exactly 4000 were made from the ip address that is linked to Pine Castle Christian. If you have any questions or concerns about any vote changes that have been made, please email or call us directly. We would like things to be kept fair, and other schools using their voting stations to vote for each other does not fall under this qualification. Feel free to vote for another school, just do it from an ip outside of your school.

  71. Blanco says:

    Our Oak Ridge Boys are # 1

  72. Jay says:

    Let’s Go Oakridge…………

  73. savanah says:

    vote for oak ridge people ………….
    whoaaaa go oak ridge ……go oak ridge …… go oak ridge .

  74. Nai says:

    – Oakridqe beatta win dis !

  75. charlene says:

    Oakridge All Day :).

  76. nuk-nuk says:

    watz up shown luv 2 da teeeaaammm!!!!!!! LOL :) mwa! luv yah

  77. Blanco says:

    Go Oak Ridge your the best!!!

  78. Ms Segui says:

    OAK RIDGE, son los MEJORES< are the BEst!!!!! GO OakRidg!!!!

  79. Blackbird says:

    GO OAK RIDGE!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Ms. Neilson says:

    I am also a former Oak Ridge teacher!- these kids are amazing on and off the field! They are the best of the best and deserve every bit of this! Great football season this year! Miss you guys lots!!!!!

  81. nat says:

    ohhkay so i know i already commented,but i love this school way to much. I go to CHS(LAME) but im still a PIONEER AND WILL ALWAYS BE !! Come on Oak Ridge ! YOU got this !! <3

  82. Cheryl C says:

    I’m mad my comment got erased by the company, I guess it was too truthful. I heart you Oak Ridge High!

    • david.gourley says:

      Cheryl, please feel free to try to re-post your comment. Some of them do not go through the first time. The only posts we are restricting are ones that are derogatory.

  83. Gabby says:

    I found this info on the westwood page…

    If you have been having trouble voting for the Pioneer Football team.
    go to to get your IP address
    then email to:
    Give them your IP address and they will check to make sure it’s clear.
    Tell them how long you have been unable to vote.

    • david.gourley says:

      Please feel free to do the same if you are having any trouble voting from an ip address outside of the school.

      • John says:

        Why did Oakridge just lose a ton of votes? If votes are blocked by IP address, I can’t see any reason for deleting 2,000 plus votes. What happened?

        • david.gourley says:

          Oak Ridge lost votes that were cast by an IP address of another school in the contest from their voting station. Voting stations are set up to vote for your school only. Just to be clear, Oak Ridge did not lose any of the 4,000 votes that were cast from their voting station today or any of the votes cast by ip addresses outside of the schools in the competition.

          • Clarity says:

            Just so we are clear: Schools that in the contest, no matter what category, qualify as an official voting site, but schools that are not in the contest qualify as outside votes? So if Pine Castle votes for Oak Ridge 4,000 times and Oak Ridge Votes for Pine Castle 4,000 times after voting 4,000 times for our own teams we forfeit the 4,000 votes from the other school in the contest. And we can only have 4,000 votes from official voting sites which are schools in the contest. Is that right? How many votes can we have from schools not involved in the contest? And will it effect our voting sites 4,000?

          • david.gourley says:

            All schools not in the contest are considered outside votes. Therefore, because their schools are on one IP address, they will be limited to a total of 3 votes per day. If you would like students from other schools to show support for you, they must cast their votes from home. These votes will not count against your voting sites total because they are identified by another address. If you vote for pine castle 4000 times from your school station and they do the same from yours, both schools will lose those 4000 votes.

  84. tooraw says:

    so it sounds like people is out to get oak ridge just by reading these comments its obvious that we didnt write that vote for pine castle crap. i feel as if pine castle should be punished for trying to corrupt the voting poll.

  85. Yissy says:

    aye man they need to stop cheating , cus we all know who the winners gon be , OakRidge ; DUHH!

  86. david.gourley says:

    We are not in support of censoring any of the comments posted on this board, however, if they are derogatory in nature, accusing people of cheating, or ignite any hostility between programs, they will be removed immediately.

  87. david.gourley says:

    Oak Ridge has not cheated one time in this contest, please do not accuse them of doing so. The votes that were removed on Friday were due to outside actions beyond their control. The other votes that have been removed to this point were only done so to correct issues with our voting system internally to make sure all schools were not exceeding the 4000 vote limit. If you have any questions about the voting corrections, please feel free to email me directly at

    • Gratitude says:

      Thank you so much Mr. Gourley for answering all of our questions, clarifying accusations and policies, and keeping unwanted negative comments off the OR comment page, and most of all for giving us (OR) the oppurtinity to be a part of your contest. Though many people are upset, you are doing a great job rectifying each situation; you can’t please everybody. Thank you. Good luck to all the teams and a special GOOD LUCK to my Oak RIdge Pioneers, much love to you guys.

  88. Coach Williams says:

    As the Head Football Coach of Oak Ridge High School, I am asking all of our supporters to STOP with any negative comments on our board. Also, If you are truely a Pioneer supporter then there is no reason for you to be on another team’s page leaving any type of comments. Regardless if we win or lose, we will do it in the upmost respectful way with class.

    We are VERY thankful that Allensportswear has selected us as a finalist and given us this once in a lifetime opportunity.Please believe that your votes are counting and we want you to continue supporting us in the upmost positive fashion.

    I have had the pleasure of communicating with David, Todd and Bobby of Allensprtswear and these guys do an EXCELLENT JOB!! Allensportswear has a history of devoting their time, service and efforts to help schools in outfitting their teams. This competition is just a small fraction of what Allensportswear has been providing to our communities. For a company to offer free uniforms that will cost them around $10,000 to make speaks volumes of this companys vision and devotion for our student athletes. Here at Oak Ridge, regardless if we win or lose, words can not express how grateful we are that we were selected as a finalist and given this opportunity.

    Pioneer family: We have just a couple more days left so LET”S GET IT!!!!!!!!!

    Head Football Coach

    Elijah Williams

    • david.gourley says:

      Thank you very much Coach for the kind words. We truly appreciate the heart and devotion being shown by your school and community. No matter the end result, we look forward to developing a long-lasting relationship with Oak Ridge. Keep up the effort Pioneers and you will reach your goal.

    • Keenan Carey says:

      We Got This!!! Pioneer Pride!!! BLEED GREEN ND GOLD!!!! Let’s Get It!!!!!!!

  89. Kenny J says:

    More votes…..lets go ORHS

  90. Blanco says:

    Lets VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

  91. Mr D says:

    Lets get these votes coming in and support Oak Ridge!

  92. SU2Q says:


  93. Yissy says:

    Lets go OAKRIDGEEEE! keep voting its almost over * ! we gotta win.

  94. Blanco says:

    Lets go Oak Ridge ; to the finsh line!!!!!!!! We can do it!!

  95. adrock says:

    adrock in da house

  96. MR. C says:

    Oak Ridge are aready champions. We just need to dress them to match their nature on the inside. C H A M P I O N S.

  97. oak ridge are aready champion.we just need to dress them to macth their nature on the champions.GOD BLESS US.

  98. ~the#naturalboy..:) says:

    go oak ridge
    we the best

  99. Young Gourde, Danger says:

    Oak Ridge 4 life. I C MY HAITIANS

  100. how yours doing ladies

  101. keep on going oak ridge

  102. uGh stOp woRiEd :) ………..y’All gUys noE wE aLrEaDy Win dAt cRap…..
    by dhye way imm gunna sing a song 4oak ridge….listen: oh oak ridge yhu noe yhu’re the best, oh oak ridge yhu noe yhu never n the second place…dat’s right yhu the number #1…,everybody put y’all yhur hand up, put yhur hand up, like dhiss, like dhat, dat’s right yhu’re the best…oh yea dhyis, like dhyat dat’s right yhu’re the best……………..yEa oAk riDge lol #don’t hate#

  103. Jump Ball Hart says:

    lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oak ridge all day keep voting we almost dea this tha last day to vote so lets make it count

  104. Yissy says:

    2 MORE HOURS lets get itttt !

  105. Kelz Pullen says:

    Showing my support

  106. KiiMBO says:

    ii L O V E yall keep up the voting 8D

  107. Kenny J says:

    1 more hour

  108. MR. C says:

    Let’s Go Oak Ridge! You are C H A M P I O N S already, now let’s get you dressed to reflect it. Dream Academy got your back. Dig Deep!

  109. Cheer says:

    Congratulations Pioneers, we did it! Thank you to every one who voted for Oak Ridge and congratulations to all the other schools that will be receiving jerseys too! Let’s go Pioneers let’s go let’s go let’s go LET’S GO!!! Congratulations Coach Williams and a special thanks to Dr Ras and Allen Sports Wear! We did it! :)

  110. nicenasty says:

    Let’s go Oakridge.

  111. nicenasty says:

    Are you guy charged up?

  112. nicenasty says:

    Hang in there Oakridge

  113. LADY PIONEER says:


  114. KiiMBO says:

    C O N G R A T S ! Thanks to EveryOne who showed there support and stayed on the computer NON STOP voting. We couldnt have won this with out the dedication of the Pioneers so Thank You.

    -FootBall Manager-

  115. Yissy says:

    CONGRATS! (:

    ilu andre & trevaris brothers <3
    y`all will have a GREAT season.

  116. flori says:

    green and gold !!!!

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