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Why Uniforms Matter

Friday, December 30th, 2016

why-uniforms-matter-1When it comes to sports teams nearly every league or coach is faced with the dilemma of looking great or sticking to a set budget. Sometimes you can do both but usually one or the other has to give a little (or a lot) depending on budget. Usually the person in charge will choose to skimp out on uniforms because as long as everyone looks the same what’s the difference anyway right? Wrong.

Multiple studies have shown that what uniform you wear and how you look impacts your mental state and can even impact the game.  Here are a few examples of why

Your Uniforms Impact The Other TeamWhen a team shows up looking good it has a psychological impact on the team they are playing. The other team assumes you must be good based off of your looks and will come out playing less confident. On the other hand, when your opponent sees you wearing something that looks like it was bought at Walmart and screen printed they automatically assume your team is a bunch of scrubs and they come out swinging, fully expecting to win and that gives them the psychological edge.

Your Uniforms Impact Your Own PlayersResearch has shown that when a player is dressed in what they feel why-uniforms-matter-2is a superior uniform they not only have more confidence but actually believe they can lift more and run faster. How does this translate to wins?  Belief is a power tool for a coach and will give the players the confidence they need to pull off close games in the end. The players are more likely to be aggressive and less likely to get down if you start losing. All these variables factor into more wins by your confident players.

Your Uniforms Impact Future TeamsGetting the best players each year is a challenge for any coach. Not only do your uniforms impact your recruiting but it also impacts your retention rate. Players look around and see what everyone else is wearing, if they are always on the team that looks like garbage they will soon find a team that doesn’t. Unfortunately for that team, the player will usually find their new team by playing against them and taking a mental note of how great and confident that teams looks on the field. So you will end up losing your best player to a rival which really sucks.


Uniforms are only one factor in a successful team but they are a much bigger factor than most people believe. “Dress like it, play like it” is more than a tagline, it’s a way of life and a key to your future success.





By: Todd Marinshaw

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Training to Avoid Injuries

Friday, May 8th, 2015
Did you know that more than 10,000 people receive treatment in emergency departments nationwide everyday for injuries resulting from sports and recreational activities? While we want to train our team to perform with their best to win, we should also focus on training to avoid injuries. Because while trophies and medals looks great, having your best players on the bench because they got hurt is not the best scenario.

One of the most common sites of injury is the knee. Whether it be a landing after a jump shot or sprinting to get to the next base, our knees are vulnerable to every kind of sprain, tear and even permanent damage if we do not use proper techniques. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball players are most susceptible to knee injuries because of body mechanics that come with these contact sports.
Incorporation of warm-ups that strengthen the lower body is an easiest, least time consuming and effective way to prevent knee injuries.
• Focus on strengthening muscle groups such as the hip stabilizers, hamstrings, quadriceps, and foot invertor and evertor.
• Teach your team to properly decelerate the body’s momentum, such as with suicide sprints, and correct techniques that may cause injuries.
• Teach proper landing mechanics, including landing on the balls of the feet and into a knee- and hip-flexed position with proper knee alignment.

Being one step ahead of the game does not only mean properly training your team and ensuring their safety and victory…
It also means purchasing the right equipment and sportswear to represent your abilities! Make sure to purchase Allen Sportswear gear to be one step ahead of the game. With customizable logos and design of your own choice, you can represent your team the way you want to be known!
By: Elmine Ira Beard
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Team Winston 2 Time Champs!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Hello Amy we have won 2 championships in our first two tournaments. The uniforms are just MAD CRAZY COOL! Everyone loves them. Our older kids want some like ours but the person that deals with that jumped the gun and ordered from somewhere else…..smh but these uniform are great and not only do we play great but we also LOOK Great!!!! Allen Sports Wear is the ONE AND ONLY PLACE TO GET UNIFORMS!! Great uniforms but GREATER CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Amy Kronk is THE BEST!!


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Lobos Football Love Their New Uniforms!

Monday, February 9th, 2015

The jerseys came out great and I just wanted to let you know that the team loved the uniforms!

Ileana Hamilton-Houston Lobos
lobos 7 lobos Football 6 lobos football 5 lobos football 4 lobos football 3 lobos football 2 lobos Football 1
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Team Evolution Intimidates

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

“Walking in with our new jerseys strikes a bigger fear, intimidates our opponents. It makes us look stronger better faster thank to Allen sports wear. ”

– Brian Nguyen

Team evolution

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Tips on Fundraising for New Uniforms

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Whether your team participates in AAU baseball or in another league, you want your players to look their best. Updating your baseball uniforms is a great idea to boost your team’s morale, and there are many great choices available. Once you have selected a uniform that fits your team, coming up with the funds may prove to be difficult. In some cases, the uniforms may be purchased through an available budget through the school or organization hosting the team. In other cases, you might require your team members to pay for the uniforms out of their own pocket. With either situation, you can find some effective sports fundraising activities that your team can participate in to raise money or to build team relationships. Here are several valuable ideas that can help your team to partially or fully pay for the cost of new AAU baseball uniforms.

Team Fundraising Ideas

Team of baseball boys.

There are two main approaches you can take to raise funds for your new uniforms. Your team can raise funds together to decrease the cost of all uniforms as a whole or your individual players can raise funds on their own through a team-sponsored fundraiser. There are many great team fundraising ideas that are available to you. Here are some examples of fundraisers you can host as a team:

  • Car wash – great idea but limited based on weather and getting the right spot
  • Lawn and gardening services – Must have the right connections and equipment for this
  • Perform tasks for a reduced fee to the community – Another connections based fundraiser
  • Bake sale –  Cookies! Fun but limited revenue generating
  • Sell t-shirts –  Another good one that parents and grand parents can’t resist but limited revenue opportunities
  • Get sponsors who will pay for advertising space on your jerseys or team t-shirts –  This is great if you can find it!
  • Work in a concession stand –  lemonade stands at local fairs are always a winner

There are so many more way to earn the funds for uniforms for teams that are willing to take initiative and look for opportunities to work.

Individual Player Fundraising Ideas

Individual players can also raise funds on their own through team-sponsored events. If the team parents and the neighborhood allow, team members can simply go door-to-door and ask for monetary donations to support the team. Another idea is for members to sell merchandise that ranges from candy bars to candles and wrapping paper or other items. Teams can also choose from numerous fundraising organizations and companies to work with. That way, each player can choose to participate as much or as little as they would like. This may be a more ideal solution for those teams that have players who need to raise funds to offset costs as well as players who do not want to participate in fundraising and are willing to pay for the uniform out of their own pockets.

For us the ESPN fundraiser is by far the best. I have had multiple coaches over the years thank me for hooking them up with this Fundraiser. Here’s a list of the advantages:

  • Great brand name recognition
  • Team keeps 75% of the profit!
  • No minimum orders and no upfront costs
  • Available online
  • No time frame, so the fundraiser can go on all season long

The website is and setting up a fundraiser is simple and fast:

  1. Set up a team account
  2. Send the link to the players
  3. Talk to friends and relatives and have them get online and order
  4. Make lots of money for the team so you can buy amazing uniforms and win the Championship!

If your team is working with a tight budget, you may consider opting for generic uniforms rather than customized options. However, the cost of a fully customized uniform may be more affordable than you might think. When you employ one or even several of these fundraising ideas for your baseball uniforms, you may discover that your team can more easily afford to purchase uniforms that will give your team the confidence to play their best.

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What to Consider When Designing College Baseball Uniforms

Monday, January 19th, 2015

Designing new uniforms for a sports team from time to time will keep the team looking their best on the field. The appearance of the team may boost their overall confidence, and this can translate into their performance in games. In addition, it can also show the opponent that the team is a force to be reckoned with. Because of these and other factors, many teams will redesign their college baseball uniforms every now and then to keep up their game. While you can certainly select a pre-designed uniform, the team may love the ability to customize uniforms specifically to their year and personalities. When you are designing new uniforms, you may consider these few points.

College men's baseball player

The Quality of the Material

There are several types of material that are commonly used with baseball uniforms. However, not all uniforms are ideal for athletic apparel. The best material will allow the player to move fluidly without encroaching on his or her ability to perform. A preferable material is also one that can wick away moisture rather than keep the player moist and uncomfortable. You may also want to select a material that is durable and easy to maintain. For example, some require special care when washing or may wrinkle easily while others can stand the heat of the game and the wash. Each material has different qualities and features that may make them more or less desirable for active play, and it is important to check out your options.

The Ability to Customize the Uniform

In addition to paying attention to the quality of the material, you may also consider the ability to customize the uniform design. With some uniform and athletic apparel companies, you can select from a couple of different colors and designs. You may be able to add a team number and a jersey number to the uniform for further customization. The last thing you want is for your team to show up on game day with a similar uniform as the opponent.

The Cost of the Uniforms

As a final note, you may consider the cost of the baseball uniform that you are designing. Some people believe that they cannot afford to customize their team’s uniforms because of a limited available budget. As mentioned before, customized uniforms bring players a sense of confidence and an ability to perform their best on the field. When you compare the options and consider these benefits associated with full customization, you may realize that it is more affordable to fully customize the uniforms that will be boldly displayed in your winning game photo.

Designing a new college baseball uniform can be fun yet challenging. After all, while there are many options available, you may need to focus on designing a uniform that is comfortable, durable and stylish. Keep these few points in mind in order to ensure that you create the best uniforms to push your team to victory.

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Frenzy Uniforms Look Amazing!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Thank you so much for all your help. They are amazing. Couldn’t have asked for better quality or customer service.

Thank you!

frenzy uniforms

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Allen Sportswear’s Endless Possibilities in NJCAA

Friday, December 12th, 2014
NJCAA spread

Allen Sportswear’s Endless Possibilities Feature in the First Ever NJCAA Buyer’s Guide















When looking for the perfect uniform for your team, it’s easy to get confused and lost in the crowd. It seems like every day there is a new company with the most atrocious website telling you they’re going to “hook you up”, which usually means cutting corners that lead to mistakes and delayed shipments. Then there are always your big name brands, which in all honesty do a fantastic job in their retail products but rarely impress when it comes to customizing team sports uniforms.
Twelve years ago I was playing in a highly competitive church basketball league wearing shiny green uniforms that looked like they belonged in an episode of Star Trek. The team had not won much over the previous seasons so the coach asked if anybody could help us get a new look. I volunteered for the job and was able to design and outsource what looked like professional quality uniforms. That was also the first year we won the championship and I don’t think it was a coincidence. Being able to redefine who we were and being able to fully customize the look we needed to stand out gave us the confidence we needed to play like we mean it.
The next season we had coaches from the whole league asking us to make them basketball uniforms and that was the beginning of Allen Sportswear. As our clients grew from the neighborhood school to top ranking AAU® teams, celebrity leagues, semi pro teams and even movies like “Meet The Browns”, we eventually started our own factory in order to have complete control over production time, quality of material and the ability to make changes and upgrades on the fly. We were also able to ensure that every fabric is hand picked, every stitch is hand sewn, and every detail carefully crafted. This resulted in uniforms that never fail to impress and bring clients back year in and year out.
Since then, Allen Sportswear has become the brand of choice for champions and up and comers alike, teams who want a unique look that represents the level of performance they want to achieve. If you are ready to break out of the stereotype and want to begin their journey of endless possibilities, we invite you to join Team Allen and experience what it means to “Dress Like It, Play Like It”

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Blue Storm Looks Better Than The Rest

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Thanks Amie!  Out of all the teams we played, we think we looked the best!!!

– Tommy Young, Blue Storm


Storm team pic 2104

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