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Spruce Creek Boys Baseball Submission

Nominated by: John Goodrich

A champion is one who victors in a challenge or in a competition. The Spruce Creek High School Baseball team epitomizes the word champion.  They are champions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community… Read more.

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20 Responses to “Spruce Creek Boys Baseball Submission”

  1. We are so very lucky to have Johnny Goodrich as a baseball coach for our son!!!! He is Awesome!!!!

  2. Mary Ann Thompson says:

    Good luck Johnny and Spruce Creek Baseball!

  3. Dustin Geiger says:

    Coach Goodrich was my coach for my freshman year while at Merritt Island High. Outstanding coach and man. I give Coach Johnny much credit for my success in the game of baseball! Thanks for everything coach!

  4. Angie Franklin says:

    Coach Johnny is the best! My son was extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from him and call some of the Hawks players teammates! Good Luck Spruce Creek Baseball!!!

  5. It’s been very advantageous for the Spruce Creek Hawks to have Johnny Goodrich as its coach. My son, Jon Sistrunk, (2004 grad) was extremely fortunate to play for Coach Goodwich beginnng as a freshman through his senior year. Not only was it a great time for his players, but the parents were a very cohesive group from the get-go.
    I sincerely feel Jon uses the values he learned playing for Coach Goodrich in his present career.
    Go Creek….may your ability and will take you far this season.

  6. kristina reynolds says:

    the guys on the base ball team are really HOT!!!

  7. Nolan Rooney says:

    let’s go Hawks!!! I love you guys!! I hope you win!! Love Y’all

  8. Austin Trott says:

    I love you dudes!! Let’s go!! Love all hope you win!!

  9. D Barnes says:

    Dymond is the only thing that shines in my life….<3

  10. Dymond Anthony says:

    I love my bayess D-Nasty (Dylan) and D. Barnes (Dalton) <3

  11. Dymond Anthony says:

    I love my bayes D-Nasty (Dylan) and D. Barnes (Dalton) <3

  12. D-nasty says:

    Dymond, Will you marry me?

  13. D-Barnes says:

    Vote 4 Dymond….YEEEEEEEEE <3

  14. Dymond Anthony says:


  15. a herd of buffalo says:

    Go creek

  16. Karen & John says:

    GO #3!!!!!!! :-)

    …and John says “GO TEAM GO!” LOL

  17. Karen & John says:

    Go #3!!!!!!

    …and John says “GO TEAM GO!” LOL

  18. Deborah Keith says:

    So Proud of our boys! Orange and Black Rock!

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