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Vanguard Girls Softball Wildcard Submission

Nominated by: Erika Hanley

According to Merriam-Webster, a champion is a winner of first prize or first place in a competition or someone who shows marked superiority. Personally I believe being a champion takes so much more than a first place prize or even a win. In order to become a champion one must delve inside themselves… Read more.

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11 Responses to “Vanguard Girls Softball Wildcard Submission”

  1. Merry Hanley says:

    I am very proud of my daughter Erika Hanley because she wrote this essay herself with lots of love and dedication of effort for the love of the game of softball. GO KNIGHTS and Erika Hanley Mom is proud of you.

    • Wildwood Mom says:

      You should be very proud of your daughter. Hers was the best essay of any that I read. We at Wildwood are pulling for you guys and voting for you when we can. Best of luck!

  2. Merry says:

    I am very proud of my daughter Erika Hanley for her dedication and effort and for the love of softball that she has towards her team and herself. Thank you Erika for writing a beautiful essay. GO VANGAURD KNIGHTS and GO ERIKA HANLEY!

  3. Hope Francis says:

    Good Luck Vanguard High School…..we are very proud of you! Way to go Erika, your essay is great, your mom has every right to be proud of you!!

  4. Rebecca McELroy says:

    Good luck to you all at V.H.S We are so proud of you ans we will rooot for you all the way !!!!!!
    Special Shout outs to : B , Amber and Lianna !!!

  5. Wendy Bennett says:

    GO KNIGHTS!!!! Good Luck Vanguard High School. Congratulations Erika on your essay.

  6. Jaye Stagmer says:

    The essay is great! I am proud to be a member of the Vanguard staff. We have such great kids!!!

    Some days I have the vote button and some days I don’t. :( I think Vanguard would have more votes if the Vote for this team link was there. I understand it not being there if I have cast my vote for the day but it wasn’t there when I signed in first thing this morning. This has happened to me a couple of days.

    • david.gourley says:

      Jaye, does the vote link appear later in the day? You may just not have reached the full 24 hour requirement to vote again. It doesn’t reset at a certain time everyday. If you are still having issues, please call Allen Sportswear directly.

  7. Jeanine Deese says:

    Congrats Erika on your essay! You are a champion!! GO KNIGHTS! I am cheering for you all the way!!!

  8. Merry says:

    Erika Lela would have been very proud of you if she was here to read your essay but you know that she is up in heaven listening to people talk about How well of an essay you have written as she would say that is my granddaughter she goes to IB Program at Vanguard High School straight A student. Go Erika Lela will always be in your heart and she will always be your guardian angel. The whole family is proud. You are the apple of our eyes.

  9. Miriam Pabon says:

    Erika, very well done… A champion takes pride on what he or she does, understanding that it is done with love. I see that you looked for the correct information from different sources’ and the applied it to your personal knowledge. That is exactly what we as teachers want to see in a students,one who wants to take further the given information, and making it theirs.
    It takes a lot of courage to enter competitions like this, sometimes because it takes hard work,and other times’ because of the honesty factor. Honesty? This factor- most of the times- discourage students to compete, but I am glad you accepted the challenge ! You did this on your own, I hope all contestans did too!
    I wish you all the best!, from MPS, Puerto Rico

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