What is Dress the Champions©?
Dress The Champions is an effort by our company to offer an exclusive uniform sponsorship opportunity to Central Florida teams.

Why is it called Dress the Champions©?
We are known all over the country for the highest quality of custom team uniforms in the market. Most of the  testimonials we receive are from winning programs all over the nation whose athletes are proud to be wearing uniforms that make them look the part. But we know that true champions are not just measured by their championship banners but most importantly by their championship hearts. So we want to find these “Champions” and have the honor of dressing them, knowing that looking good on the court or field will give these young athletes the confidence that translates to a mental edge that allows them to rise to another level in their games.

What inspired this idea?
Our company has been very blessed to be able to ride the economic storm that hit everyone the past couple of years. We do realize that most of our athletic programs have been affected by budget cuts that made it nearly impossible to outfit their teams. Most of our clients have been from all over the nation (and a few outside), and so we felt compelled to help our own community and give these athletes a chance to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. We also designed the contest as a way for the student athletes and community to come together and work towards a common goal. It was intended to create pride, spirit, competition, and camaraderie within the schools and throughout the Central Florida area. The vision was to help build morale amongst the teams and their supporters, to let the teams be known on a heart level and appreciated by those around them.

How did it all start?
In 2010, we hand picked championship teams all over Central Florida that for us personified the attitude, character and heart of a true champion on and off the court. The inaugural Dress The Champions teams were: 6A State Champions Dr.Phillips Girls Basketball Team (2011); District Runner Up Osceola Kowboys(2011); Defending State Champions Pine Castle Academy Girls Softball (2010); and Defending State Champions Trinity Christian Boys Baseball(2010). This year, we decided to give other schools an opportunity to have the same exclusive sponsorship and the community a chance to decide who is the most deserving.For more history on Dress the Champions, please watch our team as featured in Channel 6’s Making a Difference.

Who is eligible to join the contest?
All high schools in Central Florida are eligible for entry in contest. Multiple sports programs per school may be entered for consideration. Any parent, student, teacher, or faculty member may submit their school?s program for consideration. Participating sports programs must not be currently under any other contractual agreement for their team?s uniforms. Winning teams must agree with all terms and conditions outlined in the sponsor agreement. If winning program is not able to comply with sponsorship agreement or is under contract with another company for their uniforms, the next most votes in their eligible category will be declared the winner.No purchase or payment of any kind is required to enter.

How does a school enter the contest?
Schools were nominated by coaches, staff, parents and students by submitting an essay that answers the question “What Makes You A Champion”?

How were the finalists chosen?
Our team read each and every essay submission and ranked them according to how they answered the question “What Makes You A Champion?” both in their communities and classrooms as well as on the field.

Who can vote and what are the rules?
Anyone is encouraged to watch the videos and essays submitted by the finalist and vote once every 24 hours. To control suspicious voting patterns, one IP address will be disallowed to vote after three votes.  The clock will reset at 12 midnight.

Why can’t I see the “Vote For This Team” Button/Link on An Entry?
Up to three votes are allowed per IP per day. After each vote, the Link disappears. You can refresh your browser after each vote. After three votes, you will see “Thanks for Voting, Please Vote Again Tomorrow”.

Why did the number of votes get adjusted from an earlier time?
In an effort to ensure fair play and goodwill, we have subtracted unauthorized votes and will continue to do so. Unauthorized votes are defined as those that are bot-generated and those that exceed 3 votes per entry from a single IP address within a 24 hour period. Pre-approved voting stations are allowed 4,000 votes per day. Anything exceeding 3 votes for a school apart from the allowed 4,000 that came from their approved IP address will be deducted.

What are pre-authorized voting stations?
We have allowed schools to set up a voting station in an effort to provide an area for students or community members to show their support if they have no other means of computer or internet access. Votes will be capped out at 4,000.

Why are some schools getting a lot of votes even if their population does not reflect the same number?
Some of the leading vote getters were able to have articles or ads ran in the paper or get local media coverage to gather support for their teams. Facebook, Twitter,  and social media in general have helped create momentum for these teams in making it viral, reaching friends and families all over the US. Others have created web pages and newsletters that they sent to their contacts all over the country.

How can you make sure that all the votes are legitimate?
We monitor the voting patterns closely and take action when we see unauthorized votes. We rely on sophisticated web reporting tools that show us ip addresses and voting patterns, referring sites (facebook), and other information that make it possible to distinguish a legitimate vote or otherwise. At the end of the day, this campaign was created out of goodwill. It is of utmost importance that we set an example of fair competition and mutual respect for our young athletes and students.

For more about us, please visit the Allen Sportswear about us page.
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