People say it is better to give than to receive ? why not both?
We figured, let?s  SPREAD the HAPPINESS by allowing our CUSTOMERS to BOTH GIVE and RECEIVE… ON US! 

It's Really Easy
1. GIVE AWAY $100 ALLEN BUCKS. That’s right! Give away $100 Allen Bucks to as many friends, colleagues or acquaintances as you want.  They can use this on their 1st Purchase with us
Actually, as a valued customer, you can “make it rain” anytime – just tell them to make sure they drop your name when they call us.  We’ll take care of the rest.

2. RECEIVE $100 ALLEN BUCKS. You’ll receive $100 ALLEN BUCKS for every one of your referred friends who made a minimum purchase of $1,000. Sounds good? It gets even better! You can combine unlimited number of $100 Allen Cash to use on your next purchase.

You can opt to cash in your ALLEN BUCKS for $50 VISA CARD.

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