College Baseball Teams with the Best Uniform for the Season

2014 was an interesting year in college baseball uniforms. Topping the list for the most hideous uniform was The Kalamazoo Growlers. This team took the idea of selfies and added them to the uniforms. The end result was hundreds of fan photos emblazoned on the teamsí shirts. While some fans thought the #SaluteToSelfie uniform idea was clever, others thought the end result was creative but hideous. Thankfully, when it comes to the best baseball uniforms, there are five that were real showstoppers in 2014.

1. Boston College Eagles

Baseball PlayerWhen designing jerseys for the 2014 season, the Boston College Eagles decided to take on a good cause. In this case, it was the Wounded Warrior Project. To bring awareness to the cause, they designed their baseball jerseys to reflect this. The way they did it was to add parts of the American flag to the sleeves. To get more recognition for the Wounded Warriors Project, they auctioned off the uniforms at the end of the season.

2. Michigan State Spartans

If you think that baseball players are wearing pants that are too tight, you will love the Michigan State Spartans uniforms. For their 2014 season, they decided to go with a throwback look that represents the early days of baseball. With wide-legged pants alongside a vintage button-down jersey, this team impressed fans. While some teams stop with a vintage jersey, the team went all the way with the antique baseball team outfit complete with contrasting belts and knee-high socks.

3. Indiana University Hoosiers

Continuing the trend of vintage uniforms, Indiana University Hoosiersí baseball jerseys were considered especially crisp and dapper by fans. The wide-legged capri uniform pants were tailored to look like dress pants with black belts that stand out against the white uniform background. The jerseys are plain except for a simple red IU emblem on the breast. The jersey design forewent the vintage emphasis on buttons and chose a plain front instead. To allow ventilation, the three-quarters sleeves were made wide and roomy. Team colors were subtly added to the edges of the sleeves and collars. Red knee-high socks completed the look.

4. Oregon University Ducks

As far as college baseball uniforms go, the Oregon University Ducks took style to a whole new level. By far one of the best baseball uniforms, the team used the ìblack vaporî uniforms designed by Nike. Earlier in 2014, fans were impressed by the shiny space-age design of the helmets, and the uniforms followed the look created by them. Although they have uniforms with color, their standard all-black uniforms are far from plain. Instead, they have stitching and panels on the jerseys that sleekly conform the uniforms to the players while providing ventilation.

5. North Carolina’s Gastonia Grizzlies

When the Gastonia Grizzlies took to the field in the spring of 2014, fans were aghast at their new uniform idea. Each jersey had a collar, the pants were black and had a grey strip running down the legs. These complemented their jerseys that were screen printed to look like tuxedos. An ongoing hit with their fans, the Gastonia Grizzlies said they did it to ensure they were the ìbest-dressed team in sports.î Although not a college team, we still wanted to give them an honorable mention.

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