COVID19 Update
[April 2021] As we cautiously join some parts of the US towards a safe reopening, we continue to accept and fulfill team sports uniform orders. We are excited to see some of our schools, travel teams and youth organizations come back to the field or on the court. Shipping and supply prices have increased across the board due to the pandemic but we have done our best to absorb these. We ask that our clients place their orders with sufficient lead times as we work with tighter capacities and higher costs. We are committed to providing the same high level of service we have always delivered to our amazing clients.
[July 2020] A few months ago we were all stunned as this pandemic spread and claimed lives all over the world and changed the way we lived. The whole sports industry came to a grinding halt and as a small business, we like most of you, worried about our families and our future. Thankfully, both our admin and production teams are healthy to date and we sincerely pray for the safety and well being of everyone else. Please check out answers to your frequently asked questions below. Check out our news story and how we are making a difference here!
How is Allen Sportswear Helping?
We initially made fabric masks to donate to family, friends and front liners who are in dire need. Because of the overwhelming response and significant demand for these masks, we redirected part of our production sources in order to make these available to the public and do what we do best- Customize and Deliver the best quality possible at an affordable price. Although the fabric masks are not N95 rated, they are better than using a handkerchief, scarf or many other one to two ply “dust masks” currently flooding the market.  While we are still making custom team sports uniforms, we are now taking ORDERS for custom face masks for corporations and organizations. We also have limited inventory for retail sales to our teams and their family and friends. While it is tempting to sell cheaper one ply face masks, we will not be carrying these products because just like our sports uniforms, we believe in only delivering products that can make a difference. Our custom and stock masks have been ordered and re-ordered by hospitals, universities, government offices and our corporate clients. And now, we are offering them to our schools and teams. You can get 100 free masks when your school district orders 1000.
What is the status of my order?
As of June 30, we have shipped all pre-shutdown orders. We celebrate our skeleton crew who stayed healthy and worked on your orders. Even though there were factors outside of our control, such as our production capacity and those of our shipping partners, we have worked together as a team to deliver your custom team sports uniforms. We are now accepting new orders as restrictions slowly lift and allow for reopening in some states, and we are delivering on time! We have almost returned to 100% capacity, but we continue to advise to order early and allow for delays due to the ever changing landscape of supply and shipping availability. Please check back on this webpage and your emails for our updates.
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Can I Still Place Orders?
ABSOLUTELY YES PLEASE!! We want to assure you that we are doing our best to continue to accept, produce and deliver your custom team uniforms. Our account managers and graphic designers are working remotely and have more time than ever to help you come up with custom design ideas or get your order ready. All orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis and will be produced pending government restrictions. Call us at (407) 641-4900 or email us at to get your mock up and quotes started so we can be ready for you when games resume.
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Our budget has been affected by the pandemic. How can I still afford uniforms?
For a limited time, we are offering a very aggressive football package, the first in our 15+ years in business, which equals almost a 50% discount. We are also offering free masks for team uniform orders or or when your referred school district places an order. We realize that we have all encountered budget cuts and reduction in income and want to do our part in encouraging the return to sports. You can also encourage your friends, family and community to support you in this trying time and in turn support small businesses like ours by buying Gift Certificates that you can use towards your uniform purchase!
Support small businesses like us by asking your community to support your team!
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We are grateful for your loyalty and understanding as we adapt to the unpredictable circumstances of this global situation. We definitely miss sports and we miss the light hearted conversations and team spirit unique to our industry. It is the same relentlessness and perseverance we have witnessed from our clients (the best youth sports teams in America!) that now inspire to rise above these challenges and come out stronger by focusing on our enduring mission to deliver the best quality and carefully crafted team sports uniforms, and now masks, at the most affordable prices.


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