Osceola High School Football Essay

Osceola (Kissimmee) Football
Nominated by: Reggie Turner
Forever Kowboys, Forever Brothers

I believe that champions possess an ability that can?t exactly be described. There?s no amount of science or research that can state what separates these men from the boys. These champs are the ones that can find the balance between discipline, emotion and leadership. Champion players don?t just play on championship teams; they raise their team to championship caliber. Throughout the game champions make the big plays and wipe away despair. They always find a way to overcome the odds and they mean a lot to their team without having to show it off to the world flamboyantly.
This prestigious accolade is what drives the Kowboys of Osceola from generation to generation for over 100 years. As the new breed of athletes, it is not enough to simply strap up a gold helmet to make the other team roll over for a beating. It takes the heart of a champion to throw down everything you have for your brother next to you for 48 straight minutes. It takes the trust only a family shares to know that your 10 comrades are laying their hearts down in the clutch situations. It takes brotherhood to rally together and keep each others? spirits alive amidst times of adversity.
I remember, as a sophomore playing varsity, how shaky I would be on Friday night in the huddle, but as I peered around the circle into the ten seniors? eyes, I could see the determination and fight within all of them. Even when I wasn?t sure of myself, they were always sure of me and I could see that no matter what the situation was I could count on those ten guys with my life. Looking back I don?t know whether or not I was entirely ready for Varsity as a sophomore, but I do know for sure that if I had to do it again, I wouldn?t pick any other combination of champions to be thrown into the fire with.
That experience taught me a lot about what it takes to be what I want to be, a champion. I now know that what makes me a champion is my skill set of awareness, experience and leadership. And now that I know what makes me a champion I can bring up my team and take the Osceola Kowboys to a whole new level.

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