How to Prepare for Youth Basketball Team Tryouts

Basketball season is right around the corner, and itís time to prepare for tryouts! Chances are that your child (or maybe even you) has been dreaming about this day for years. Whether your child comes from a long line of basketball players or is blazing a new path for the family, he or she needs to be prepared for tryout day to make the team. While physical conditioning is important, itís just as crucial that your child be mentally prepared. Follow these 5 tips for preparing for basketball team tryouts, and your child (and you) will be well on your way to a spot on the team. 

1. Get in the Game Mentally

For most kids, half the battle is mental. If they go out on the court already defeated, their chances of making the team are slim. Confidence is key on tryout day and beyond, so help your child develop confidence in his or her ability to play the game. Offer constructive criticism by giving your child feedback on things that he or she is doing well or needs to improve. This practice will help your child build an effective skillset as well as confidence for tryout day. 

2. Look the Partbasketball-uniform

For many kids, a large draw to the game is being a part of the group and being associated with other athletes. Help your child prepare by purchasing the appropriate clothing for the game and tryout day. You may even consider purchasing a jersey that is similar to the customized team jerseys†for kids that most teams wear. If your child enters the court looking like a basketball player, he or she will feel like a true athlete and perform better in tryouts. 

3. Improve Physical Condition

For many kids, youth basketball is the first organized sport they play, which means they previously havenít done much working out. By helping your child improve his or her physical condition, you are ensuring that the tryout will be easier and less tiring. Consider a routine that includes both skill practice as well as strength and endurance training. In other words, spend some time each night playing basketball with your child as well as doing some light jogging and other workout activities, such as pushups and crunches. 

4. Practice the Game

Itís not essential that your child goes into tryouts as an expert, but the more he or she knows about the game, the greater advantage the child has. Practice specific skills that your child will need such as dribbling, shooting, and doing layups. You may even want to arrange a couple of 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 basketball games with a friend or other family member. 

5. Eat Like an Athlete

One of the best ways to help your child perform well on the court (or anywhere) is by fueling his or her body well. Encourage your child to eat additional fruits and vegetables and lay off the sweets. These tweaks will help your child feel better and play better.By following these simple tips, your child is sure to take the spotlight on tryout day. And, once he or she makes the team, your child will get to don one of the customized team jerseys for kids, which is one thing every kid wants to do.

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