Allen Sportswear’s “Pass it On” Referral Promo

Enjoy an easy way to earn and/ or raise funds for your own team !!

[formassembly formid=450437] Tell your friends you love Allen Sportswear, and Make Them Love You!
ReferralGive them $100 OFF at ALLEN SPORTSWEAR, and Get $100 Off on your next Allen Order!
You know everyone always looks at your team with envy when they see your Allen unis, so be their HERO! Tell us how to reach any teams or organizations who may be interested and we will take care of the rest! Once any of your referrals places a team uniform order*, we will immediately send you a $100 Referral Gift Certificate!
There is no limit to the number of $100 GC’s you can earn, and you can use multiple $100 GC’s in one order. So go ahead and get your next uniforms FREE by sending as as many referrals as you can!
Call your Account Executive at 877 – MY ALLEN and learn more about it
*Your friend’s Gift Certificate is valid towards a team uniform order ($1500 and up). You can earn one (1) Referral Gift Certificate Per Referral towards your next order, but use multiple Referral GC’s in one order.  Cannot be combined with some special discounts (example: Referred Leagues who get special League pricing or partial sponsorship discounts count as one referral. You can also choose to redeem your GC instantly by choosing promotional items (Custom Wall Decal, Wilson Balls, Customized Shirts, Mugs, Water Bottles, etc)

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