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After years of waiting, we are bringing back our wildly popular DRESS THE CHAMPIONS contest!
Dress The Champions is an effort by our company to offer an exclusive uniform sponsorship opportunity to Florida High School sports teams, while building community support for high school athletics. Eligible categories will be Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Softball, Baseball, and Football.


Dress The Champions Award

We have donated over $100,000 in team sports uniforms to Florida high schools, and we are about to do it again, with your vote!

How The Contest Started
Ten years ago, we realized that most of our athletic programs were affected by budget cuts that made it nearly impossible to outfit their teams. We felt compelled to help our own community and give these athletes a chance to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. We designed the contest as a way for the student athletes and the community to come together and work towards a common goal. It was intended to create pride, spirit, competition, and camaraderie within the schools and throughout the Central Florida area. The vision was to help build morale amongst the teams and their supporters, to let the teams be known on a heart level and appreciated by those around them.
The contest saw schools in Central FL bring in almost 1,000,000 community votes and awarding 17 sports programs with brand new custom uniforms that truly helped the teams “Dress Like It, Play Like It”!
We know that true champions are not just measured by their championship banners but most importantly by their championship hearts. We want to find these Champions and have the honor of dressing them, knowing that looking good on the court or field will give these young athletes the confidence that translates to a mental edge that allows them to rise to another level in their games. ”  


“Dress The Champions has brought a buzz to our community that hasn’t been around in years”. Coach MATT LABRANCHE (Wildwood High School, 2011)

“It is really a neat thing for a new school and a new program to be able to be involved in this. We are incredibly grateful to Allen Sportswear for what they have done. It wa sa great blessing to watch our school, community, and parents all get involved”. Coach SCOTT WILLIAMS (Wekiva High School, 2011)

“We have not had a freshman football team in years, mainly due to the fact that we could not afford to put them in uniforms. For the first time in a long time we have a freshman football team”.Coach ELI WILLIAMS (Oakridge High School, 2012)


How Can Your Team Join?
1. Submit an essay to nominate a school. Tell us what makes them a “Champion” on the field, in the classroom, and in their community. Anyone can nominate a school! A coach, a parent, a student, or a fan! 2. Our “celebrity judges” will evaluate the content of the essay and the team’s performance on and off the field. Nominees will be narrowed down to a group of finalists in each of the eligible categories 3. Finalists will be encouraged to submit a video- ranging from game highlights to inspirational words from players, family and friends. Voting will be opened to the public and the teams with the most community support wins!

Submit an essay to nominate a school. Tell us what makes them a “Champion” on the field, in the classroom, and in their community. Anyone can nominate a school! A coach, a parent, a student, or a fan! THIS LINK WILL BE ACTIVATED AROUND FEB 16, 2020.

Find out more about Dress The Champions by checking out our Frequently Asked Questions. Find out Contest Rules and Regulations, Eligible Sports Categories, and What Inspired This Contest
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Four area sports programs – Dr. Phillips Girls Basketball, Kissimmee Osceola Boys Basketball, Deltona Trinity Christian Baseball and Pine Castle Christian Softball were hand-picked by Allen Sportswear to receive full uniform sponsorships in recognition of their winning ways on the field and court, and more importantly, their contributions to the community. This first round of champions set the bar for all future teams to measure themselves by.
30 finalists, 24 schools, 12 counties, over 800,000 votes not only from Central Florida but throughout the US and as far away as Brazil and Australia! We awarded full uniform sponsorships to Alonso Ravens Baseball, Oakridge Pioneers Football, Sebring Blue Streak Girls Softball, University Cougars Girls Basketball, Wekiva Mustangs Boys Basketball, Wildwood Wildcats Football, and Winter Springs Bears Girls Softball.
Dress The Champions 2012 Winners

Votes came in from all over the world for the past two weeks, and more than 20,000 people voted to decide our newest class of champions!
Allen Sportswear is proud to offer complete team uniform sponsorship to Alonso High School Football, Fivay High School Baseball, Matanzas High School Softball, Oak Ridge High School Girls and Boys Basketball, and Robinson High School Girls Basketball.



Watch the Alonso Ravens Football players go crazy when we reveal their brand new football uniforms!

Watch all the Coaches of All The  Dress the Champions Winners come together and celebrate their victory

Watch the winners picked out and how the community joined together in voting for their teams!

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