Dress the Champions 2010 Inaugural Teams


2010 Inaugural Teams

In order to be successful you have to set goals, stick to your plan, and prepare yourself to be mentally tough enough to get through all the pain, suffering, and adversity you will face along the way. With discipline, dedication, and the ability to make the ultimate sacrifice, you have all the components of becoming a Champion

Anthony Jones, Coach Dr. Phillips Girls’ Basketball
2011 6A State Champions, Dress the Champions © Inaugural Team

Local Company Extending FREE Custom Uniform Sponsorships to Central Florida Schools 

Coach Anthony Jones and his team are just one of the few to achieve all the components needed to become champions this year.  One of these components was starting the year in fully sponsored top quality team uniforms provided by local company Allen Sportswear.  Based in Orlando, FL, Allen Sportswear is a fully custom uniform company which provides uniforms to teams looking for the highest quality and latest design innovations. The company lives by the motto “Dress Like it, Play Like it” and believes that looking good on the court translates to the confidence needed to excel at the highest levels of competition.

This past year, Allen Sportswear launched its program entitled “Dress the Champions” with hopes to give back to the community and alleviate the stress on the community’s top high school programs brought about by a tough economy and continual budget cuts.  Initially, inaugural teams were selected based on their historical performance, firm ethical standards, and dedication to striving for success in every endeavor. The four (4) teams chosen have and continue to embody the true meaning of “Champion.”

Osceola High School Boys Basketball

Coached by Steve Mason, 2011 District Runner-Up, 2011 Regional Semifinalists

Osceola High School
Boy’s Basketball

Dr Phillips High School Girls Basketball

Coached by Metro West Coach of the Year 2010 Anthony Jones, 2011 6A State Champions

Dr. Phillips High School
Girl’s Basketball

Trinity Christian Academy High School Boys Baseball

Coached by Bryan Maples, District 1A Defending State Champs 2010

Trinity Christian Academy
Boy’s Baseball

Pine Castle Academy Softball

Coached by Division 2A Coach of the Year 2010 Mark Ritchhart, 2A Defending State Champs 2010

Pine Castle Christian Academy
Girl’s Softball


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