Winter Springs High School Softball Essay

Winter Springs Softball

Nominated by: Mark Huaman
Champions in the Making
What makes Winter Springs Fastpitch Softball champions?  Many factors are involved in the creation of a winning program and continuing that tradition.  Dedication to a sport is paramount; a tremendous work ethic needs to be demonstrated; passion for the game is a requirement.  What is the common denominator in all of these characteristics?  Sacrifice makes dedication, work ethic, and passion possible.
Sacrifice becomes evident when an athlete goes to the field to take extra ground balls, shows up to the batting cage during the hot summer days to work on her swing, reports to the weight room instead of going to the beach with all her friends during the last warm days in October.  The sacrifice the Lady Bear softball player shows by focusing on improving her game throughout the year reflects the dedication the athlete has for her sport.  This work ethic allows for honing her skills.  The increase in ability translates into a renewed passion for the game of softball.  Passion fuels a drive for excellence allowing the athlete to be in the best position for success.
Sacrifice means attending to her studies first in order to not only stay eligible, but to excel at her school work.  While others may go through the motions, the Winter Springs High School softball player dedicates her time to focusing on school work.  Winter Springs? softball players are involved in tutoring students at the high school as well as teammates needing assistance.  The athletes can be seen working with other students before school, during lunch times, and after school, as time permits.  Each senior softball player from Winter Springs has graduated since the school opened and thirteen of the previous fifteen seniors earned athletic and academic scholarships to schools such as Notre Dame, the Air Force Academy, Rollins College, and Palm Beach Atlantic.
Sacrifice manifests itself through community involvement.  Players from Winter Springs High School have given up afternoons and weekends during the off-season to coach younger athletes participating in the local Babe Ruth leagues.  These athletes impart their knowledge of the game with their teams sharing their enthusiasm for the sport they love.  Most of the players themselves have come through Central Winds, the local Babe Ruth league and simply wish to give back to an organization that provided the foundation for their success.
Sacrifice, for the Winter Springs Fastpitch softball player, can be seen as a desire to serve others.  The player works hard on her game to make the team better, she achieves academically in order to remain a part of the team, she serves her school and her community to reflect a positive role model for her peers.  The Lady Bear softball player takes from her experiences the effects of sacrifice and the knowledge of the positive aspects of serving others.  Armed with this, the athlete strives to be a Champion on and off the field.

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