Pine Castle Christian Academy Softball Essay

Pine Castle Christian Softball
Nominated by: Mark Ritchart

Dear Allen?s Sportswear,
I would like to nominate the Varsity Softball Team at Pine Castle Christian Academy.  Currently we are in the middle of our season and tackling our goals one day at a time.  Our team theme this year is Keep Digging.  This was decided by the player leadership and coaches with the mindset to continually keep digging deeper to make the program better based on our team values (what player/coach leadership considers important).  Our team values:  Professional/Excellence, effort, joy, outreach, teamwork, student of the game, Christ-like character, embracing risk, sisterhood, physical fitness.
Our team has won three state championships in the last five years.  However, our biggest accomplishments are found during the season throughout the years.  For instance, we are proud when current and formers players are making an impact at their school and in their community.  We feel blessed when we share our time within our softball outreach direction like at the Foster home in St. Cloud who has 14 disabled children that loved to be sung to at Christmas and walked around in their wheel chairs in the neighborhood in the spring.
Among many things that we do from year to year we have traditionally attempted to make an impact with our opponents that come to our new field.  Following each home game, we gather with our opponents for praise, encouragement and prayer along with our team providing gifts (from stickers to towels) for each player and coach with a meaning attached.  The message this year is P.O.W.E.R.; Pursuing Outstanding Wisdom, Energy and Relationships.  We speak to of our competitors about how we can apply each of those areas to four important aspects in life; school, home, softball and God.
Being in a private Christian school, the academics are very stringent.  We have not had to keep a girl from playing due to academic probation.  When we have away games they are required to do a study hall and we often discuss time management.  Their work ethic and character on and off the field is something that people from the outside are complimenting.  We have a great reputation with the umpires and other schools.  Our winning formula goes beyond the scoreboard.  Actually we rarely talk about the score or wins.  We try to do the little things we can control to be the best that we can be in attitude and effort.  We would be honored to have our small school of 90 high school students, which can compete with any size school in the state, have the opportunity to have a uniform sponsorship with a company with the outstanding quality of Allen?s Sportswear.

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